How We Fake The Summer Glow

How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty

There are still few months between us and summer holidays. But we are sick to look sick. We want to get the summer glow and we want it now. We put together a selection of beauty products that we are using daily to give us a fresh, healthy and summer look to show at work.


How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty


First thing first. You need a bronzing powder. We love Clarins Bronzing and Blush Compact powder. It has four shades in one that mixed together give us the right amount of bronze and redness, like we just came back from the beach.

Some of us prefer a matte effect. In this case, our choice falls on Tom Ford Bronzing Powder n.02.

How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty

How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty


We are addicted to these MAC mineralise blushes. After applying the bronzing powder, we use ‘Petal Power’. Its shimmering texture, with little golden traces, adds to our cheeks the same effect we get when we come back from summer holidays. Our faces instantly reach a healthy glow.

Then we use ‘Just A Wisp’ as highlighter on our check bones. We also apply it on eyelids, as it was a eyeshadow, for a light day look.

How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty


If we want to emphasise our eyes, we play with different shades of bronze and pink. We found our perfect eyeshadow combination from the newest collaboration between Jennifer Lopez and Inglot. This mix of shimmering and matter eyeshadows are going to be our summer best friends.

How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty


We don’t abuse it, but on special occasions we like to cover our body with this creamy and delicious Givenchy Dhalia Divin refreshing body gel. The scent reflects the name: it’s divine!

Summer nights are still far, but you have an invitation for a party. Topshop highlighter sunbeam is the perfect golden highlighting powder to wear, at parties and night’s out, to show your perfect summer glow.

How to fake the summer glow : Tomf Ford, Givenchy, Inglot, Mac... #summerglow #summerbeauty



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Reply May 14, 2018

Thank you for all the tips. The Jennifer Lopez & Inglot palette is gorgeous. I need to try it!

Reply May 14, 2018

It's a real shame you didn't show us how it looks on the face :) when I look at cosmetics like that I can't really say if it would look good on me. Fortunately, I already was touched by the sun, I went on a trip in a cabrio and am tanned as during the summer. Nice post anyway.

Reply May 15, 2018

I def fake a summer glow all year round - haha! My favorite routine is getting a weekly light spray tan with Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer!

xo, Allie

Reply May 15, 2018

I am definitely a more of a blush than bronzer person so I am so happy to see blush as one of your recommendations here! Although bronzer and highlighter and oils are more well known, I feel that people often forget about blush and all the wonders it can do such as really brighten up your complexion adding a nice touch of colour! Great post dear!

Tales of Tw
Reply May 15, 2018

Great recommendations! I love the eyeshadow recommendation too, with a bit of mascara and the blush it would be such a beautiful and natural look :)

Reply May 15, 2018

I need to check out that range of products from Inglot - I love the shadows I have from them and J Lo is such a beauty icon for me!
Helpless Whilst Drying

Reply May 15, 2018

Wonderful selection!


Reply May 15, 2018

Such beautiful photos! Those mac blushes look so pretty...
P xx

Reply May 15, 2018

These photos are beautiful!

Chloe x

Deasy @ Rose Gold Rhyme
Reply May 15, 2018

Is it crazy that I don't use a bronzer? I need one! XD And that Givenchy body gel looks absolutely divine.

Reply May 16, 2018

This is a nice post, it answers my query about the need of a highlighter because yesterday I almost bought one but wasn't sure of it.

Olivia Poncelet
Reply May 16, 2018

OMG this palette looks fantastic!!
Nice pics too ;)
Happy Wednesday <3
Olivia Poncelet

Reply May 17, 2018

These are some great tips you've given here.Thanks for sharing.

Reply May 17, 2018

That eyeshadow palette looks so pretty! x

Jordan Alice

Lena Juice
Reply May 17, 2018

I need a bronzing powder! and I love this JLo palette ;)

The White Ocean

Reply May 18, 2018

Yasss! Love it!

Thanks for the tips

Elizabeth T.
Reply May 18, 2018

Thank you so much for these great tips <3 :) Loving the bronzer!

XO, Elizabeth

Reply May 18, 2018

I should try the tan glow.
Well as for asian with morena skin like me, i think it's not advisable but sounds interesting

Much Love,
Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

Reply May 18, 2018

I love your tips dear, I'm sooo doing these this summer. Thanks for these!

Jessica |

Reply May 18, 2018

This is the perfect post for me as I really should fake summer glow with my pale face :) Thanks for this beautiful and helpful post!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Elegant Duchess
Reply May 18, 2018

Beautiful round up. I do need that Jennifer Lopez palette in my life. Thankfully I’m in Cancun right now getting my natural golden glow.

Reply May 18, 2018

I like to call that bronzing powder my j.lo powder. Rihanna has a nice all over body one out to with Fenty.

xx Yasmin

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