How I Detox My Skin From Stress

How I detox my skin from #stress - #shiseido #loreal #clarins #skincare

Stress and deydratation are not skin’s best friends.

I’m having a tough period at work, so the level of my stress is quite high. Further, the weather is getting warmer so A/C is now set on cooler temperatures. These two factors are a very dangerous mix for my skin’s health. Recently, I discovered some new products that are helping me to detox my skin from stress.

How I detox my skin from #stress - #shiseido #loreal #clarins #skincare

I start by saying that the best thing you can do for your skin is TO DRINK WATER. A lot of water. Because the first step for a good skincare starts from inside the body. It was only after I added few more glasses of water on my skincare regime that I started looking for some products that could specifically help me to keep my skin good and hydrated.


You know those dark circles under your eyes? I recently started to call mine by name. They seem to make themselves at home! I know that an extra layer of concealer might make the difference, but I don’t think this would be a long-lasting solution. I prefer to clean regularly my face, morning and evening, trying to remove all traces of makeup, smog and, I wish, also of stress.

I recently bought L’Oreal Cleansing Gel Cream, specifically made for dry and sensitive skin. It’s a drugstore product that so far is doing what it promises.


To fight the stress I need to relax. Pretty obvious, right? I discovered that taking 15 mins a couple of time a week to do a face mask helps me to relax. Those 15 mins are just dedicated to myself.

When I want to clean deeply my skin, I go for L’Oreal Pure Clay mask. Another drugstore product that is worth to try. It’s perfect to exfoliate the skin and bring back the brightness.

When I prefer to boost the hydration of my skin, I use this SOS Hydra mask by Clarins. It’s a refreshing hydration mask that helps a lot to tone the skin up. Extra bonus: it comes in a 75ml tube, so you can easily bring it with you in case you travel to beat the A/C on the plane.

How I detox my skin from #stress - #shiseido #loreal #clarins #skincare

How I detox my skin from #stress - #shiseido #loreal #clarins #skincare


To fight deeply the stress on my skin I found an amazing cream from Clarins. It’s called 03 Stress Management Day Face Creme and it’s part of My Blend by Dr Olivier Courtin range of products. The texture is very creamy, I feel it when I swirl it around. I like to use it after the exfoliation. Normally I combine it with Pure Clay Mask. The combination of these two products makes my skin feel and look much better.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been using Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing cream which is so so good. It really revitalises my skin thanks to a super fresh texture. I always use it combined with Clarins Double Serum because that is the only product that I won’t never part from.
Fun fact: there are over 50 different shapes of the packaging of Shiseido Essential Energy, each of it reminds a Japanese jar. It’s a good excuse to collect them all!

How I detox my skin from #stress - #shiseido #loreal #clarins #skincare

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Reply March 31, 2018

Great post, I'm definitely needing this at the moment, so I'll give it a try! Hope things get less stressful for you soon ❤️

Chloe x

Reply March 31, 2018

Good tips! I will definitely try them since my skin is getting worse and worse lately.
Patricia |

Filipa Jackson
Reply April 1, 2018

Oh how my skin needs this, because I am stressed! Thanks for sharing babe

Filipa xxx | Instagram

Codrut Turcanu
Reply April 2, 2018

Hey, Chiara, my girlfriend will find this post really practical. Cannot wait to see the results :)

Thank you!

Reply April 2, 2018

Nice tips dear! I absolutely love L'Oreal and Clarins too. And I miss using Shisheido. Gotta get myself those soon. Thanks for the reminder dear!

Jessica |

Andreea Birsan
Reply April 2, 2018

You have a great skin detox routine! The Clarins product sounds really good, would like to try it out. Have a lovely week. xx


Nevena Krstic
Reply April 2, 2018

Beautiful photos! I need to give these products a try! :) xx

Reply April 2, 2018

These are great ways to detox your skin and when it comes to drinking more water, your entire body. Thanks for the great reminder!

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

Yuliya Oleynykova
Reply April 3, 2018

Don't forget to drink a lot of water! It helps a lot xxx

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