The Beauty Products That Changed My Skincare Routine

The beauty products that changed my skincare routine

Some of these products have been in my bathroom for ages now, so I could write a review anytime. Others are new entries and I preferred to test them for a while before to share my impressions with you. I think after using the same creams and cleanser for over two months, I’m now ready to share with you my skincare routine.


GARNIER SKINACTIVE – Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil

 This is an old favorite of mine. You probably heard me to talk about it before on Instagram Stories. It’s just the perfect cleansing water to use to remove your makeup. I always find a bit hard to remove mascara. After washing my face I look more like a panda! This mix of water and oil helps to clean all traces. APPROVED and I don’t think I’ll ever part from it.

SAFI RANIA GOLD – Deep Moisturising Facial Cleanser

I found this cleanser in a goodie bag, after taking part of an event. I started using it because I was curious about the ingredients. It doesn’t happen every day that you can sprinkle gold onto your skin. After using this product for the past 8 weeks, I can firmly affirm that it’s so good. I use it after Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to deeply clean my skin.

I’ll definitely going to use this cleanser for long time. Eventually I might interchange it with another product that I adore and  I talked about it before here.

The beauty products that changed my skincare routine

The beauty products that changed my skincare routine

The beauty products that changed my skincare routine

CLARINS – Double Serum

It’s pretty hard to find the right words to describe this serum. This is THE SERUM! It’s the Holy Grail of all serums. I’m seriosuly impressed by the quality of this product. You realize how good it is even if you use it only once. The first time I applied two drops of Clarins Double Serum I felt like an invisible veil of hydratation landed on my face. It’s like if your skin started to drink the serum. I use it everyday / everytime. When I go out before to put make up on. When I stay home to simply give to my skin a treatment. In the evening after I removed makeup and impurities.

Trust me, your skin needs Clarins Double Serum!

The beauty products that changed my skincare routine

OLAY EYES – Ultimate Eye Cream

Everytime I look myself into a mirror I see how time passes. There are wrinkles around my eyes. I have dark circles, despite the fact that I sleep like a baby for the entire night. Truth is that I’m 34 years old and I can’t think to have the same skin I had when I was in my twenties (although deeply inside I still consider myself a young teen!). When Olay hosted an event to launch three new eye creams, I decided to start using them seriosuly. Day and night, without skipping a single day.

I won’t lie, I haven’t been so committed. I might have skipped some days. But despite that I really liked Ultimate Eye Cream to use during the day. Especially before the makeup. This Olay eye cream is peachy and it helps to balance the dark zones that normally appear under the eye. It’s not a miracle cream, but it’s really great to use both as a treatment and as a base before makeup.

OLAY EYES – Firming Eye Serum

If the Ultimate Eye Cream helps me to reduce the dark circles, this Serum helps me to firm the thin skin around the eyes. It’s easy to apply and I normally dab it with small movements all around the eyes. I really have a fresher look when I wake up in the morning.

OLAY – Regenerist

This is a super anti-aging cream and in fact is very rich and creamy. I consider it a sort of moisturising mask to apply on my face right before I go to sleep. I think you can use Olay Regenerist both day and night but for me it’s too rich to apply under makeup. I need something fresher. But it’s really perfect to boost the skin while I sleep.

The beauty products that changed my skincare routine


The beauty products that changed my skincare routine


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Reply December 11, 2017

The serum seems to be amazing, I have to try it!

Kathrine Eldridge
Reply December 11, 2017

Thanks for sharing these products. I received a sample of the Clarins serum and loved it!

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply December 11, 2017

    I'm seriously hooked to this product! It's one of those I can't live without!
    xoxo, Chiara

Len Parent
Reply December 11, 2017

I love Garnier skincare products! This post is very helpful!
Thanks for sharing!
Much love, Len

susana tejedor
Reply December 11, 2017

wowww in love!!! Happy day

Reply December 11, 2017

That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

Reply December 11, 2017

Great post! I definitely want to try out that serum

LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

Reply December 11, 2017

All the products look super fancy <3


Reply December 12, 2017

Nothing removes my makeup like micellar water!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Brandi Matthews
Reply December 12, 2017

I so want to try that cleansing water in oil!
Happy Monday!
Xx Brandi

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply December 12, 2017

    I like the fact that it's not expensive at all, it's a drugstore product, but the quality is amazing!
    xoxo, Chiara

Shannon Jenkins
Reply December 12, 2017

So many great products! That cleansing water sounds amazing!

<3 Shannon 
Upbeat Soles

Reply December 12, 2017

I love the way you've done this post and for sharing your favorite skin products.

Reply December 12, 2017

I've heard so many great things about GARNIER SKINACTIVE – Micellar Cleansing Water. I'm glad to have read more about these different products. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply December 12, 2017

    You are more than welcome Jennifer! let me know if you ever try it!
    xoxo, Chiara

Reply December 12, 2017

Loving the review, I use the Garnier one as well and I really like it :)


Have a nice day,

Pear Phongsawad
Reply December 12, 2017

So many great picks! I use the Garnier makeup remover and love it. Definitely want to check out more of your recommendations!

Style by Peart

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply December 12, 2017

    If you are up to try something new, try the serum. You won't be disappointed!
    xoxo, Chiara

Reply December 12, 2017

Amazing products dear!!
Mónica Sors

Reply December 12, 2017

I have to admit I don't know any of the products that are your favourites! But now I want to try out especially the cleaner! Thanks for sharing :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Reply December 12, 2017

Great post!

Daniel x

The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

Amy Arnold
Reply December 12, 2017

Okay these sound great, especially the serum. I need to try some more products.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Simply Sory
Reply December 12, 2017

Me anoto algunos de ellos para mi próxima compra.

Te dejo nueva propuesta navideña,

Reply December 12, 2017

Great post and products, thanks for sharing! I've love to try out the Garnier micelar water since everyone raves about it. :-)

Reply December 12, 2017

Thanks for sharing.
I would definitely give a try to the serum.

Makeda Andrews
Reply December 13, 2017

Skincare is so hard. But this is a helpful post! Thanks for sharing :)

lesley Kim
Reply December 13, 2017

Great products!
Lesley Kim

Reply December 13, 2017

I love Clarins, plus I definitely need to try Olay !!

Reply December 13, 2017

Nice products! Olay is one of my favorite brands <3
Wonderful post dear!
Beauty and Fashion Freaks

Reply December 13, 2017

Great post and great products!!

Reply December 14, 2017

The deep moisturizing facial cleanser sounds great..I want to try!

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