DIY Project: Moleskine And Washi Tapes

Yesterday I was invited to attend to a Sohour. What’s a Sohour? For Muslim who are fasting for Ramadan, Sohour is the meal that they have before the sunset, before starting their fast. In Doha the sun raise quite early around 3.30am so Sohour starts quite early as well, around 9/10 pm and it goes on till 1/2 am. For expats like me – who are not fasting – Sohour is also a nice occasion to have dinner out eating traditional (and non) food served in an arabic atmosphere of tents. Almost all hotels in town have their own tent for the occasion.

Anyway, I made this introduction just to say that after the Sohour I received a goodie bag as part of the media group where I found a Moleskine. For a stationary lover like me it was the best surprise. For a colors lover like me, having a black agenda is not so exciting!
The first thought I had was to give it away, but then this morning I woke up with an idea in mind.

I have a huge collection of washi tapes. My husband yell to me everytime I go inside a bookstore or a papershop and I come out with new tapes to add to the collection. I started filling jam or biscuits jars with washi tapes because I don’t have any more space on my shelves! So what occasion would it better to use my collection other than to give a makeover to this sad and too dark notebook?! So let’s start this DIY project which I could call it “Moleskine And Washi Tapes

DIY Project with Moleskine and Washi Tapes -

Moleskine notebook | Washi tapes | Yellow Owl Workshop stamp | Kikki.K patterned paper | pens

First thing to do is to select the washi tapes you want to use. Of course my selection ended to be focused all around pink color. But this is nothing new for you, isn’t it?
I admit that the “Moleskine And Washi Tapes” DIY project is quite simple to realize. The only struggle that I had was to fix straight the first line of washi tape. I started with the biggest one – the Arabic washi tape, that I bought a couple of months ago at the store inside the Islamic Museum – because it would have been the main focus of the new cover. I used a ruler to help me.

Once I fixed the first line, I applied the other ones easily. Honestly I didn’t measure the notebook, but I was lucky enough to perfectly cover all the surface without cutting the tape. But maybe is better to make some calculations before!

So, voilà, here below the result of the “Moleskine and Washi Tapes” DIY project!

DIY Project with Moleskine and Washi Tapes -

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