These Black Shoes Are Officially About To Go Boom

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Put your hands up if you have ever thought you need a new pair of shoes 🙂 I’m always in front of dilemma “which shoes to wear” (a dilemma which comes straight after the huge question “what should I wear today?”). I have this idea in mind that a good pair of black shoes can save the world (yes, I said -intentionally- the world. Have you ever spent an entire day with a woman who is not happy with her look?).  The problem here is that a woman has never enough black shoes.

From street style: these black shoes are officially about to go boom -

The black shoe is like the little black dress. It’s classic, chic, it goes with everything. But exactly like the little black dress there isn’t only one style of black shoe. Sabot, stiletto, wedge, sneaker, loafer, men shoes, ankle boots, sandals and much much more.
There is an entire world of black shoes.

Before writing this post I made some personal researches. In other words I opened my shoe closet and I checked how many black shoes were there: more then 11 pairs. And trust me every time that I have to go out I have some serious problems in finding the right one!

Anyway, if you ask me to fill a list of black shoes that a woman cannot live without I would insert:

♡a pair of classic stiletto (or a pair of mary-jane)
♡a pair of men shoes
♡a pair of middle-heel-sandal
♡a pair of ankle boots

When possible, I would invest some money buying these 4 pairs of shoes from designers. Not because of the designer name itself but because those are really what we call an evergreen. They will never be out of fashion and if you take care of them they will last for many, many years. But I also have to say that high street brands are offering wonderful options and it’s quite impossible to not find the perfect pair of black shoes.

I’ve selected 9 of my favorite black shoes which are available this season. If you are on budget (but even if you are not) check the last picks. Those are 3 black shoes that look expensive but they are actually not!

9 Black shoes you didn’t know you would have loved

From street style: these black shoes are officially about to go boom -

[From left to right] 1.| 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. |6. | 7. |8. | 9.



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