Do You Play Golf? And… Is That Bag A New Celine?

Weekend. 7am. Alarm clock is ringing. A nightmare? No! This is real life when your husband is a golf-crazy-lover and Doha hosts Qatar Masters.

Last Friday we were invited by 51east and Rolex to watch Commercial Bank Qatar Masters at the Doha Golf Club. It was a sunny day but extremely windy. At 8am, when we arrived at the club, there were around 12 degrees. “Are you kidding me?” I was already regreting my warm bed when fortunately we were very welcomed to Rolex Chalet where we had breakfast. Between one cereal box and another one, one omlette and scrumbled eggs, I checked Rolex collection leaving several generic comments to my husband about the upcoming Valentine’s Day (you never know šŸ™‚ – even if I think he was too focused on the match to pay attention of me).

Turning back to golf, have you ever tried to play it? I did once and it was sufficient to declare that it’s not my sport. It requires patience, discipline, tecnique and I don’t think I’m patient enough to learn how to play properly. But on Friday it was nice watching professional players from all around the world that are able to put balls in this tiny holesĀ with 3 or 4 hits only. I’m serious, for me the ball was already lost at first shot. IĀ could see the ball fly away but then…pouf! ItĀ disappeared somewhere in the sky, maybe behindĀ those two clouds. Really, how can they see the ball??! Maybe this sport is not make for nearsighted people like me!

Anyway, golf lover or not, the Doha Golf Club has also a beautiful clubhouse and drink something when you are surrounded by green is always a pleasure. If you live in Doha I suggest to try their brunch. It’s a nice one. The atmosphere is really chill, food is good and if the weather is warm enough you can stay outside! (Another option could be this one).

At 4pm I finally forced my husband to leave. I couldn’t feel my feet and hands anymore. When we reached the car and he left his golf world coming back to reality heĀ reminded to have a wife and looking at me he said: “Is that yellow bag a new Celine?” Ops! šŸ™‚

Welcome back to marriage life.

Qatar Masters: Doha Golf Club -

Qatar Masters: Rolex Chalet -

Qatar Masters: Rolex Chalet -

Qatar Masters: Rolex Chalet -

Qatar Masters: Rolex Chalet -

Qatar Masters: Doha Golf Club -

Qatar Masters: Zara Coat -

Qatar Masters - Golf -

Qatar Masters: Doha Golf Club -

Qatar Masters: Zara Coat and Celine Bag -

Qatar Masters: Yellow Celine CrossBag -

Qatar Masters - Golf -

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Reply February 3, 2016

What a cold day it's been. But amazing atmosphere at the Doha Golf Club for the European Tour Event! Commercial Bank did a great job and organized a great event! Amazing welcome by the Rolex Chalet and perfect breakfast. Doha Golf Club is a must if visiting Doha and for all golf lovers!

Best Golf Accessories
Reply February 9, 2016

Doha Golf Club is a perfect place for all golf lovers. Gorgeous photos and I really love your yellow bag.

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