Pranzo Improvvisato

My trip to Italy wasn’t all about fashion. It included also a bit of art. On 24th of September I took part of the grand opening of the exhibition “Pranzo Improvvisato” curated by three talented italian illustrators Cristina Amodeo (my sister!), Ilaria Faccioli and Gaia Stella.

The idea of Pranzo Improvvisato is based on the futuristic text “La Cucina Futuristica” written by the poet F.T. Marinetti (and Fillìa) in 1932 and it was shown at Triennale di Milano museum also to celebrate the Expo 2015.

The exhibition is a collection of 22 illustrations of recipes included in La Cucina Futuristica designed by some of the best illustrators in Italy and around the world: Pablo Amargo Cristina Amodeo, Gwènola Carrére, Beppe Giacobbe, Giacomo Bagnara, Ilaria Faccioli, Federica Del Proposto, Bruno Zocca, Gaia Stella, Philip Giordano, Anne Leval, Elenia Beretta, Simone Massoni, Sanna Mander, Ilaria Falorsi, Violeta Lapiz + Valerio Vidali, Laurent Moreau, Joohee Yoon, André da Loba, Sac Magique, Studio Fludd, Charlotte Trounce.

Major sponsors of the event are Ballarini, a famous italian brand of pots and pans and Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, an italian wine company.

For being their first exhibition where they worked together as curators, Cristina, Ilaria and Gaia did a fantastic job. They thought about every single detail creating a pleasant journey for the visitor between these crazy recipes/illustrations. Pranzo Improvvisato ended on September 30th but due to the big success, I’m sure it will be soon displayed in another museum. If you don’t want to miss any updates, stay connected with Pranzo Improvvisato clicking here.








Photographers: Paolo Belletti & Giovanni Ferro

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Reply October 12, 2015

Congratulation to all the Illustrators for the amazing work! It's innovative and unique.

Well done Cristina, Gaia & Ilaria. You all deserve a great success!! :-)

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