Beauty Review: Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream

I don’t like to do bad reviews but I want to be honest. Especially for you, readers.

Almost one month and half ago, I shared a picture on my Facebook Page, telling you what new products entered in my beauty case.
They were three:
1. Christophe Robin Hair Scrub
2. Cinq Mondes Face Cream
3. Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream 
If I’m more than happy for the first two products (and I have to say thanks to Dot Beauty for suggested me to try them) I’m very disappointed of the third one.
I personally think that Himalaya is a very good brand. It’s a mass market brand, you can easily find it at Carrefour or Boots, but the quality is great. I use many products from Himalaya for my daily routine: from face scrub to face mask, from tonic to body cream.

But this cream is a big NO for me!

First, I don’t like the scent. It reminds me washing-up liquid mixed with liquorice (I don’t know what smell is this one!). Than the hole of the tube is huge. Every time I used this cream I wasted a lot of product because of size of the hole. It’s really bad.
Instructions on the cream says that there are 5 results visible on your skin after 4 weeks (I know that this is a kind avarage).
1. Lightens and even skin tone.
2. Helps reduce blemishes and dark spots.
3. Helps reduce under-eye dark circles.
4. Nourishes skin to keep it healthy.
5. Moisturizes without leaving skin greasy.
Honestly, I didn’t notice any of these results on my skin. Especially number 5. This cream LEAVES my skin greasy!
Last comment to add to my review is about the price. The cream costs 7qr, only. It’s really cheap! But I don’t want to believe that it’s not good only because of the price. I mean, I don’t want to believe that we always need to spend a huge amount of money to get good products and honestly one of the reasons that made me choose this product at Carrefour was exactly the price!
Anybody tried this product and had my same feeling? Let me know!



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Reply April 23, 2015

Sad that it's not so good! But yeah good that you are honest in it! Maybe it's nice to use as a highlighter only on the cheekbone or something

XX Nora /

Kizzy Von Doll
Reply April 23, 2015

Great review, what a shame it wasn't so great, but I love honest reviews :) xx

Reply April 23, 2015

I find their face masks too scented :S

Życiowa Sałatka
Reply April 23, 2015

realy nice

Reply April 23, 2015

I've great stuff about the Himalaya products!


fashion doctor
Reply April 23, 2015

thanks for review! xoxo

Desirèe D'Aloia
Reply April 24, 2015

sembra ottima!!

Kathleen Harper
Reply April 25, 2015

Fantastic review!

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