5 Tips to Read Before to Buy a Designer Bag

If you are thinking to invest your monthly pay in a designer bag, you should really read this post before.We all love designer bags. They can become the object of our dreams, They use to be on the top of our wishlists. We would love to buy a new one every month if only they weren’t so expensive.So when you decide to invest part of your salary in a designer bag you should be really sure to make the best bargain.
And if you are an European who lives in Doha, where everything, and I mean every brand, is more, and I mean much more, expensive than Europe, you should seriously go ahead in reading this post.

Here my tips to try to score a designer bag without spending all your money.
1. Check e-commerce sites.
This is the first rule to follow, especially if you live in Doha. My online shopping activity is increased a lot since I moved in Qatar. The reason? I always find the same product at a lower price. Well, honestly not simply at lower price but at a price much-much lower than the one in boutiques (sometimes the difference is also like 1000qr – 200 euro)
But this rule should be followed by everybody. Normally there are more chance to find lower prices online than in stores.
2. Subscribe to an e-commerce’s newsletter emails. 
Most of e-commerce sites tends to cuddle their customers with special promotions or with pre-sales. So add your contact to mailing list and enjoy the offers! (I did it with two of my favourite online shopping sites and
3. Avoid the IT Bags of the season.
If you can’t buy more than one designer bags for year, it’s probably better to avoid any model which are trendy in the current season but which will probably be forgotten in the next one.
All brands have their carry-over. Choose from them.
4. Buy second hand.
There are several second-hand websites that really offer fabulous items, in perfect conditions and with good prices. One of those I use to check more often is The Real Real.
5. Check sales in town.
Doha is an expensive city and as I told you before, most of brands push prices too much up, if compared with Europe. But Doha is also the city where there are amazing sales!
I bought all my Celine bags, Marc Jacobs clutch, Diane Von Furstenmberg bag in Doha for ridiculous prices (compared with normal prices,of course).
To not miss any sales follow social media of biggest department stores / boutiques in town. Or follow me on Facebook and Instagram, I always try to keep my followers updated on last news!
For example, now Salam Stores is offering a good discount (50% off) on a great variety of brands. Check it at The Gate Mall.

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Chiara Amodeo
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Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


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Alice Cerea
Reply February 25, 2015


Alice Cerea,

Reply February 25, 2015

Che belle le bag che hai postato! E grazie per la segnalazione! :)

Reply February 25, 2015

I love Prada bag, is my fav!
Have a nice day dear,

Bhavesh Hablani
Reply February 25, 2015

wounderful ,beautyful

Reply February 25, 2015

Great tips dear! Smart.


Fabiola Tinelli
Reply February 25, 2015

Ottimi consigli Chiara!

Nicole Stars
Reply February 26, 2015

I want exactly that celine bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

Reply February 28, 2015

thanx for tip sweety, if u wanna follow each other let me know on my blog

Reply February 28, 2015

I love it!
Wonderful bags!
P.S.New post on my blog,I'm waiting for you my dear!
Kiss kiss C.

Alessandra Heidelberg
Reply March 1, 2015

Ottimi consigli!

Wishes & Reality
Reply March 4, 2015

Great tips!


Edna Silva
Reply March 6, 2015

Great tips!! :)
xx, Edna♡

Concept Kids Online Shopping
Reply June 13, 2015

First of all I didn’t believe on designer bags while purchasing in online. After reading your complete post I’m very much interested to purchase for my sisters.

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