Mrs B. or Princess Mrs B.?

Since I arrived in Doha, I started feeling as a princess.
Maybe it’s because I’m so lucky to do the job of my dream.
Maybe it’s because finally we are two hearts under the same roof, with no more miles between us.
Maybe it’s because most of the nightlife entertainments are inside fabulous hotels. And most of the restaurants are super chic (which not means I particularly appreciate this fact sometimes I miss trash or easy-going places!).
Maybe it’s because I often have the option of wearing incredible dresses. Very often I would say!
Maybe I’m feeling as a princess just because I’m happy. And the glam of the city and all those fabulous gowns don’t care.
Yes, it’s certainly for this.
Happiness makes a woman feel as the best princess in the world! Don’t you think?


Mrs B. or Princess Mrs B.?

Mango White Heels
Mary Katrantzou dress
Alexander Mac Queen clutch
Ps: I’m very happy that all of you like reading my story about Doha. This is certainly a great experience for me. But at the same time, please pay attention when you read these posts. I’m afraid that you can have a wrong idea of the City. Doha is not the city where everything that you touch becomes gold. There is poverty. There are people who live in dire conditions. Sometimes inhumane.
There is definitely more chance to work than in other parts of the world. The salaries are higher, but also the cost of life is much more expensive.
Jobs are not only for roles as Manager. Many jobs require a big effort in exchange of nothing.
Chiara Amodeo
About me

Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


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Reply July 15, 2014

You are so right!! Happiness certainly does make a woman feel like a princess. Pretty outfit.

Ivana Natasha Samson
Reply July 15, 2014

love the skirt!
if you dont mind, help me to win this contest by liking my pic here

Reply July 15, 2014

That dress is gorgeous! The heels and clutch look so chic with it :)

xo Azu

Sonia De Macedo
Reply July 15, 2014

Happiness definitely makes you feel like you're on top of the world. I'm not familiar with Doha and I suppose dressing up everyday may seem extravagant at best though it would be silly to assume all is well. No matter where you go there is good and bad, especially those places were there's immeasurable wealth there is always bound to be extreme poverty too.


Nerline Germain
Reply July 15, 2014

Happiness means confidence. I love the outfit.

Alessandra Barbieri
Reply July 15, 2014

Sono davvero contenta per te.. Molto bella la maxi skirt! BACI

Alessandra - That's Amore

Federica Di Nardo
Reply July 15, 2014

bellissimo questo look!!!

The Cutielicious

Adriana Bernabé
Reply July 15, 2014

Happiness is the best garment we can wear to feel like princess. I´m glad you´re happy there in Doha, I have more or less in Germany.
Fashion Avenue

Reply July 15, 2014

What an lovely post <3

Xx Nora /

Reply July 15, 2014

Al solito, i tuoi outfits sono sempre stupendi! E concordo su ciò che scrivi di doha

tr3ndygirl fashion blogger
Reply July 15, 2014

che meraviglia di look,la gonna specialmente è divina
buon martedì
un abbraccio

Reply July 15, 2014

lovely skirt ! in love !


Carmen Vecchio
Reply July 15, 2014

mi piace troppo questo set che hai creato!

Dario Venuti
Reply July 15, 2014

beautiful skirt


Desirèe D'Aloia
Reply July 15, 2014

bellissimo! adoro la gonna!!!

Reply July 15, 2014



Manuela Muratore
Reply July 15, 2014

molto carino!!! bellissima la gonna

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