An Easy Spring Outfit Combination

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

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Wide-cut pants | Rib-knit sweater | Shoes (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses

I’ve never been a huge fan of white pants/jeans. Most of the time they are see-through and somehow they always highlight my cellulite. Therefore, white pants have always been on my black list (!). This until few weeks ago when I found a pair of white denim jeans in organic cotton that are actually really cool: they have a great fit and they are made of thick denim fabric so you don’t see through (but a pair of nude underwear is highly recommended).

Excited by this new entry, I started to look at all white pants around me. I don’t know if this is a thing that only happens to me. But when I have something in mind, something that I never considered before, I start seeing that thing everywhere. So, as you imagine, I found another pair of white trousers that I really like. No actually, I LOVE.

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

This high waist pants are the most flattering trousers that I’ve ever owned. I’m sure you can understand that feeling when you try something on that not only works for you but it looks FABULOUS on you. When it happens, I might even do a little giggle dance in the changing room. But please don’t tell it to anyone!

Reasons why I’m adoring these white pants:

1.The high waist cut makes my hips look smaller and my legs longer (I think this would be already a good reason to stock these pants in all colors – and since they come in only two colors, this is exactly what I did – similar -).

2.I had to buy a smaller size than my normal one and this boosted my confidence a lot haha.

3. They are easy to dress up and down, accordingly to situations. They look great with heels and and a nice top, but they also look amazing with sneakers and tees.

4.They are extremely affordable.

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

I paired the white pants with a knitwear polo shirt, which is another current fave of mine. What made me fall in love with this sweater is the collar and the little ruffles around the edge. It also has some vintage vibes. When my mom saw it, she told me it was something that she actually wore when she was younger.

To emphasise more this vintage look, I stole my husband’s Rayban sunglasses. They were my Christmas gift for him, but time to time I like wearing them too!

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

To finish the look I grabbed my Fendi Dotcom bag. I like how the yellow color pops up in the look. For an extra touch, I wore these Ganni leopard heels which at this point you might probably get tired to see me wearing them, but I have zero intention to stop. They are super comfy, very feminine and they always, always add something to all my outfits. To be honest, I’m waiting for the sale season to add also the white and red versions.

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

An Easy Spring Outfit Combination - H&M pants and knitwear tee - Fendi Dotcom bag - Ganni Shoes // #springlook #ganni #fendi #70s

Wide-cut pants | Rib-knit sweater | Shoes (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses




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Simplement Lui
Reply April 18, 2018

Very nice and elegant outfit and it seems you are in leopard heels mood right now ;)

    Chiara Amodeo
    Reply April 19, 2018

    ahahah I noticed the same! It seems I have a thing for leopard at the moment
    xoxo, Chiara

Reply April 18, 2018

What a chic spring look. I used to have a hard time finding white pants too until I found the right pair! Loving your shoes as well- so classy!

xoxo A

    Chiara Amodeo
    Reply April 19, 2018

    Thanks Annaliese! yes white pants are very tricky, but once found the right pair it's love!
    xoxo, Chiara

Reply April 18, 2018

I love these white jeans! They are a bit more than a basic white skinny jean!

Reply April 18, 2018

This is a fabulously chic early Springtime outfit on you and I ADORE the leopard print kitten heels. Too cute!! x

Reply April 18, 2018

The white pants look great on you! It really does feel great to find an item that works so well...

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

Reply April 19, 2018

Great look! I'm always afraid to wear white pants (I don't want to get them dirty!) but you totally have me rethinking it!

Reply April 19, 2018

I am in love with this simple chic outfit.
Something i would wear on a casual day

Much Love,
Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

Reply April 19, 2018

oooh I tend to steer clear of white pants because I'm terrified of staining them! You look so fab in yours and I also love the spotted shoes.

the sophia diaries
Reply April 19, 2018

if i could wear kitten heels as effortless as you, i would be rocking this outfit as well! love the colors and the patterns <3

Reply April 19, 2018

These white pants look amazing on you!

Chloe x

Reply April 19, 2018

Really love those shoes. I'm a short heel type of person so they're perfect, plus the cheetah is a bit of a pop.

Reply April 19, 2018

I'm glad you're giving white pants another shot - they look awesome on you! I agree, it's all about the right material and cut!

Reply April 19, 2018

Those white pants look amazing on you!


Reply April 19, 2018

Love the combination of the red with the print of your shoes! Looks great!

Reply April 19, 2018

You look wonderful! And so effortless. I love it.

Reply April 19, 2018

You look gorgeous in this outfit! Love the way it was shot.


Finitha Jose
Reply April 19, 2018

You look great in that white pants!!!
Loved your shoes too

Amber Myers
Reply April 19, 2018

This is a fantastic outfit! You look lovely in it. I just love the pants.

Reply April 19, 2018

you're giving me total Jackie O vibes! this is gorgeous!

Reply April 19, 2018

I am looooving this! so classy and chic.

Alix Maza
Reply April 19, 2018

Those shoes are EVERYTHING!

Reply April 19, 2018

Great outfit! Unfortunately white pants are a no-go for me right now with 2 little boys running around! I do LOVE your shoes though :)

Reply April 19, 2018

Oh such a cuuuute outfit my dear! I love this pop of red and how the look is perfect for any kind of occasion :)
xx, Carmen -

Waren Jean
Reply April 20, 2018

I love your pants! I have same one in green and now I am thinking of getting the white. I’be noticed these type of pants are good for short girls too!

Reply April 20, 2018

What a chic look, I love the pants mixed with the kitten heels so much !

Reply April 20, 2018

Gorgeous outfit. You carry red very well!!! Of course leopard heels are always a thing. Have you tried Tieks flats yet. Their leopards are gorgeous!!!

Reply April 20, 2018

you look super cute Chiara!!!
IG @grace_njio

Reply April 20, 2018

Love the outfit! That red looks amazing on you!

Hằng Nguyễn
Reply April 20, 2018

Elegant outfits are always my favorite. I love how you dress and I love white pants too although it's easy to get dirty.

Liyana Aris
Reply April 20, 2018

I have the same exact problem with white pants/jeans, it's annoying when they're so thin that even when I wear nude underwear I could see its shadow from the outside. Also, I tend to spill things and smudge my clothes so white pieces are usually a no-no, ESPECIALLY pants. I have this fear of landing my buttocks on dirty chairs all the time, too. That being said I am still looking for that perfect white jeans - I just haven't found a pair that's worth all my worries. Yours look really good on you! (And organic cotton too!) I love your leopard slingback heels especially ahhh <3

xo, Liyana | Affordorable

My lovely people
Reply April 20, 2018

You look fabulous my dear, I love the combo of white and red, the knit sweater is fantastic...
New post on my blog, today's look is basically a crop wide leg jeans with a white shirt wit a little twist....
Kisses from Miami

Reply April 20, 2018

Such a pretty casual outfit dear. Lovely pop of color on your top. Your shoes are quite gorgeous too!

Jessica |

Chic Every Week
Reply April 20, 2018

Hi Chiarra! Love this outfit, you look gorgeous. I love white pants but I suffer from the same problem as you, so this pants are a great option. Have a great day. xoxo Joana

Reply April 20, 2018

SO gorgeous! I just love these kitten heels!

Reply April 21, 2018

I like those shoes. The back of them is unusual and great!

Reply April 21, 2018

I too rarely wear my white pants but I have been looking for ways to style them this Spring. I love how you've done it.

What Corinne Did
Reply April 22, 2018

It's a very elegant outfit! and these trousers look so light and easy to wear! loving the bag!

Reply April 23, 2018

Great outfit. Red and white are a perfect pair.

Reply April 23, 2018

I definitely love the style and fit of the white pants. That’s what I am looking for. Semi fit at the top and the fit is just enough so my legs could breathe.

StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

Jyoti Babel
Reply April 23, 2018

Your looks look refreshing! such a lovely outfit. I love that colour combination!

Reply April 24, 2018

Love spring outfits like this one! That red looks great one you!

Lynnette Marte
Reply April 24, 2018

Such a cute outfit, love the pop of red paired with leopard print shoes

Young not Dumb
Reply April 24, 2018

You look absolutely fabulous, very chic! The photographs are great. I have always stayed away from white trousers due to always have sticky grubby child hands near me...may be one day when he is all grown up!

AnnMarie John
Reply April 25, 2018

I love comfortable and stylish outfits like this! It's definitely something that I'd wear during Spring. The colors are perfect!

Reply April 28, 2018

This is such a pretty spring outfit. Red is my favorite color so I really love how the blouse looks.

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