Life In Dubai: Where To Eat Like A Frenchie

I rarely talk about food on Bonjour Chiara because honestly it’s not my favourite topic. But in these last 10 days I discovered two gems in Dubai that I think it’s worth to share with you. They are both very Bonjour Chiara’s style!


One of my favourite places in Paris is Merci. Merci is a concept store which sells a delicate selection of deinty jewels, all fashion brands you need to wear to be a Parisienne, the best interior pieces and a fabulous selection of stationary. There are also few in-store coffee bar and restaurant where you can eat heathy food or grab a coffee (or, even better, fresh juices).When I lived in Italy and I worked in Fashion I used to go to Paris around 4 times a year, for the fashion weeks. Each time ended with me grabbing all the things I could grab at Merci. It’s really my n.1 place in Paris.

Explained this fact about me, you can now understand how I felt when I visited Comptoir 102. I felt like I was in Paris again. This place reminds me Merci so much. It took me less than 10 mins to declare that I had officially found my favourite place in Dubai.

Comptoir 102 is perfect to host you and your girlfriends for a breakfast full of gossip, healthy food (that kind of food that we, women, LOVE to eat) and a bit of shopping. You can also have lunch and a light dinner.

Where to eat like a French in Dubai: Comptoir 102 and La Cantine du Faubourg


First time I heard of La Cantine Du Faubourg I was still in Doha. They hosted an event in collaboration with an illustrator that I really like: Camille Walala. At the time I thought how nice this place looked like and what a shame that I wasn’t in Dubai.

Now that I live in Dubai I finally paid a visit to this place which satisfied all my expectations.

La Cantine Du Faubourg is located in Emirates Towers, which makes this place perfect for business lunch or post-work dinner. The best part of the place is the outdoor terrace, kept private from the rest of the city thanks to a lot of green and plants. The restaurant serves Parisienne food, which is a mix of different cuisines, exactly as Paris is: a multicultural city.

Also the table where Massimo and I seated reminded me very much about Parisienne coffees and those tiny wood round tables.

Talking about food. We went for dinner and we ordered:

-Quinoa and kale salad with apple, goji berries and Parmesan cheese. A new in into the menu.

-Fried calamari with scallions and spicy mayonnaise. Very delicious, not greasy at all.

-Pan fried foie gras with beetroot and cranberry sauce and crispy carrots. I didn’t try as I don’t eat meat but Massimo said it was his favourite choice.

As main courses we had:

-Jumbo prawns with home-made sweet chilli sauce. OMG! It was so so good.

-John Stone tenderloin façon parisienne. Again, only Massimo tried it and he gave the thumb up!

And then desserts came. I was thinking just to mention that if you visit this place you HAD to order dessert, without adding any other details to avoid to ruin you the surprise. But I can’t talk about La Cantine Du Faubourg without mention:

-The GIANT champagne glass of fruit salad, cream (cream, and again more cream) and meringue. You easily say Au Revoir to your entire year of work out for the amount of calories presented in this dessert. But it’s sooooo worth. Really really worth! In fact it’s the signature dessert.

We also had a chocolate warm cake, but between all the things I tried that night, this wasn’t my favourite.

Where to eat like a French in Dubai: Comptoir 102 and La Cantine du Faubourg

Chiara Amodeo
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Mademoiselle Coconath
Reply April 4, 2018

The place looks so cute! Thanks for sharing!
Mademoiselle Coconath

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply April 4, 2018

    We are super happy you liked! Let us know if you pass by Dubai :D
    xoxo, Bonjour Chiara's Girls

Alexandra Udinov
Reply April 4, 2018


Alexandra | 2018 Boho Spring Looks

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply April 4, 2018

    Thanks Alexandra, we loved to hear that!
    xoxo, Bonjour Chiara's Girls

Reply April 4, 2018

This place looks very amazing and the food so delicios! Got to visit next time I'm in Dubai.

xx Simone
Little Glittery Box

sophi clickn
Reply April 4, 2018

awesome post dear, i love dubai & i love these beautifull pictures.. online shopping in pakistan

Reply April 4, 2018

My mouth is watering. I hope I will visit Dubai very soon!

xoxo, I ||

Reply April 4, 2018

These places are so cute! Definitely a great find and worth blogging about!

Reply April 4, 2018

Sooo yummy! Would love to go to Dubai <3


jodie filogomo
Reply April 4, 2018

We always love exploring new places like this---how wonderful that you found these!!

Reply April 4, 2018

Looks amazing! Have a great week.

Gemma x

Reply April 4, 2018

Oh this place looks adorable!

Courtney Hardy
Reply April 4, 2018

These places look so cool to visit.

Maria Eugenia
Reply April 4, 2018

Saving this for whenever I find myself in Dubai! Gorgeous post!
Maria Eugenia ☀

Hannah @ AndThenWeTried
Reply April 4, 2018

If you hadn't said that you were in Dubai I totally would have thought these were French spots! Great finds!

Reply April 4, 2018

Ok so now I officially want to travel to Dubai! Such cute places!

xx, mel

Viva La Vida
Reply April 4, 2018

Absolutely gorgeous photos and ideas!! Love this post so much! Thanks for sharing ♥
Have a great week! xoxo

Zaful unboxing

Missy May
Reply April 4, 2018

Sounds like a nice place to dine. Nice setting for sure.

Alexis R.
Reply April 4, 2018

The food looks amazing! I've always wanted to visit Paris so I definitely appreciate you sharing these places!

Reply April 4, 2018
Rachel @ The Confused Millennial
Reply April 4, 2018

omg it looks like a dreammmm!! I want to visit dubai so badly!

Reply April 4, 2018

I've been loving salads with Quinoa! They're so filling! This all sounds delicious!

Michelle Paige
Reply April 4, 2018

Yummm! Everything looks/sounds so delish! I love cute little places like that that serve healthy food options. Always my go-to when eating out for sure!

Laura Mitbrodt
Reply April 4, 2018

This all looks so good, I am hungry now

Reply April 4, 2018

Looks delicious! I wish there were good French food places where I am...

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

Tega Enai
Reply April 5, 2018

It's a very beautiful place. Definitely going to visit.
Thanks for sharing. And how are you loving Dubai?

Tega Enai | Instagram
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
Life Update: Where have I been?

Reply April 5, 2018

I've never been to Dubai, but I went to Paris last year and I would totally be looking for French-inspired restaurants wherever I traveled! Looked amazing!

x Sarah

Reply April 5, 2018

Dubai is on my travel bucket list for someday!! And I think you've just convinced me even more with these food options!

xoxo A

Ellen from Ask Away Blog
Reply April 5, 2018

All the food looks so delicious!

Reply April 5, 2018

This totally makes me want to visit Dubai and indulge in French cuisine!

the sophia diaries
Reply April 5, 2018

dubai is quite high on my to-visit list, and the photo of all these foods make me want to go even more!!! can't wait to visit one day <3

Reply April 5, 2018

Aah the food looks super amazing! Can’t wait to travel and eat everything!

Ash |

Reply April 5, 2018

Wow, all of this looks incredible! I'd love to visit Dubai! The cuisine alone entices me.

Reply April 6, 2018

ahh this is awesome! I haven't been to Paris or Dubai but both are at the top of my list for sure. I love the aesthetic of these places so much.

Reply April 6, 2018

What a cute and cozy place. Loving their rustic and homey vibe. Really captures the French atmosphere!

Jessica |

Reply April 6, 2018

I love those places! The food looks amazing!

Reply April 8, 2018

Loving these visuals!

Chloe x

Reply April 9, 2018

Everything about this is amazing! I have always wanted to go to Dubai, it's definitely on my list! Love this!

Kait Around The Kingdom
Reply April 10, 2018

Wow these photos are just stunning! I'm dying to visit here someday!

Reply April 10, 2018

Wow that all looks so yummy! I would love it all!

Reply April 14, 2018

How very cool! I've never been to Dubai, but it's so great that they have something that reminds you of your favorite place!

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