How To Choose A Designer Bag And What Is Its Real Value

How To Choose A Designer Bag To Buy and What Is Its Real Value

One of the things I keep telling to Massimo is:

We should invest in Chanel bags, their price increases every year and if we want to resell them we can make great money“.

There is a lot of truth in this sentence, as well as a BIG LIE. If it’s true that you can resell your designer bag and you probably make good money from the sale, fact is that the only thought of giving away my bags caused me a heart attack! But I hope my husband will never read this post so I could keep using the words great investment as my leverage number one to convince him to buy a designer bag.

How To Choose A Designer Bag To Buy and What Is Its Real Value

I recently took part of a masterclass organised by The Luxury Closet, the n.1 website for preloved goods in Middle East. If you are based in Europe, you are probably more familiar with Vestiaire. They basically work at the same way.

The seminary was held by Elisabeth Bohler, luxury expert at The Luxury Closet. It was really interesting. Elisabeth showed us which are the luxury products that it’s easier to resell as well as those where you can get the highest revenue from.

Chanel and Louis Vuitton are at the first place.

However there are many factors that affect the value of a designer bag. It’s not only about the brand, but also about the market demand, the condition of the bag and accessibility (if  you own a bag that it’s hard to find in the market you can definitely sell it at a higher price).

How To Choose A Designer Bag To Buy and What Is Its Real Value

When I came back home from the masterclass I looked at my designer bag collection and I thought:

“What makes me buy a designer bag?
How do I choose a particular designer bag?”

I’m pretty sure that there are thousand of articles on the web, all telling you that you should give a preference to classic styles that have been on demand for years now and they will probably never be out of fashion.

I do agree with the fact that when you are spending such a big amount of money on a bag you should avoid to buy a style that it’s too much “trendy”. Imagine to spend $$$ for an accessory that you are going to wear for a season only. So, most of the time, a black “oldfashion” style is the safer choice.

However, I don’t think you can follow this rule every single time you want to splurge on a new purchase. Questions I always ask to myself when I’m ready to buy a new bag are:

-Do I really like this bag?
-Does it go with my style?
-Would I be able to wear it with most of my wardrobe?

How To Choose A Designer Bag To Buy and What Is Its Real Value

How To Choose A Designer Bag To Buy and What Is Its Real Value

As you probably know, I have a quite colourful way to dress. I rarely wear black, which is not my favourite colour. And this personality of mine reflects on the way I choose my accessories. I always repeat to myself that I need one black bag that can go with everything but when it’s time for a new purchase what do I end to buy? Something colorful!

When I first started to build up my designer bag collection I felt a bit guilty for all these bags that were anything but basic. I was worried that I might become bored quickly but the truth is that even after years I still love every single bag that is in my closet and, most important, I still wear each of them on a regular base.

For me it’s easier to style a pink bag rather than a black one.”

So I think that the best tip is to follow your gut. You know what really works for you and what matches your style. You are going to spend a lot of money, so make them worth wearing your new bag as much as possible.

Probably none of us buys a new bag with the intention to resell it right after. But either you wanna keep it forever or you decide to apart from it, be sure to follow the care instructions. Keep the bag inside its dust bag, keep all the authentication cards and box if the bag comes in a box. You might also want to invest in a leather protector spray if you want to keep your bag in the tip-top condition. All these measures will be very helpful to get the highest revenue from the sale of your bag, once you will decide to go down this road.


Few words about The Luxuruy Closet. If I don’t have problems to buy online, I’m always suspicious when it comes to preloved items. I might have problem to trust a buyer who sells preloved H&M T-shirt, imagine if we talk about luxury! Even because, preloved bags are definitely cheaper but we are still talking about taking a lot of money out of the pocket.

How To Choose A Designer Bag To Buy and What Is Its Real Value

Last month I had the chance to shoot some contents with The Luxury Closet. In that occasion the team brought a wide selection of designer bags. They had to tell me twice that those bags were preloved goods.They were in perfect conditions, most of them they were almost new. I can’t talk for other websites, but The Luxury Closet impressed me a lot. It must be also said that luxury items are pretty popular in Middle East and there is a higher percentage of wealthy people who have a strong purchase power. It’s not unusual that women buy new bags to wear them only for a couple of time before to decide to give them away. Bags that are basically new.

This helps The Luxury Closet to keep the standard of the quality very high, as well as an in-house department exclusively dedicated to verify the authenticity of the items sold on the website.

The Chanel Boy bag here above is from The Luxury Closet. As you see, it’s in perfect conditions!










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Reply March 8, 2018

I have never bought a designer bag in my life, but oh my golly gosh this post has made me want to! The photos are absolutely gorgeous, and the way you write has made me go, "hmm yes maybe I need one..." so.. thanks for that :P

Reply March 8, 2018

It's always good when you find another site that lets you buy authentic designer bags that have been worn before so they are more affordable - I got some of my bag collection that way! You have so many beautiful bags. I can always justify buying another bag, they are something to have in your wardrobe that always fits and looks great if you take care of them! :)

Hope you are having a good week so far :) I've lost my voice so not the best week for me, haha! I'm trying to rest up.

Away From The Blue Blog

Reply March 8, 2018

Such great advice. I think you are right when you ask yourself the three questions before buying a bag.

Have a great day!

Gemma x

Reply March 8, 2018

Such a great and helpful post! These bags are gorgeous!

Paco t
Reply March 8, 2018

For me, Celine always on my top list.

Reply March 8, 2018

Gorgeous bags! I have never owned a designer bag before but whenever I hold one at the store, I can tell that just the materials alone feel high quality and valuable!

Simply Lovebirds

jodie filogomo
Reply March 8, 2018

What a great way to get one of these bags!! And I Love that you love color like I do. I feel the exact same way about styling a colorful piece as opposed to a neutral one!!

Reply March 8, 2018

These are great tips. I have never bought a designer bag, i just have Kate Spade because it's more affordable, and i love her designs.

Reply March 8, 2018

We both have some very similar bags! I have a burgundy velvet Chanel boy, like your pink one, I also have Valentino, Mansur Gavriel etc. I mix between classic pieces and more brighter ones. My first LV was the Alma BB in Fuchsia. I LOVE that bag! But I also have classic Chloe's, a Chanel WOC etc. My most classic is the Celine Nano Luggage in Dune. I wear that often. Love your post!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Reply March 8, 2018

I love all of your bags ❤️. Will definitely be checking out the luxury closet for myself.. I normally use to get luxury items at flash sales prices

Lily Kanaya
Reply March 8, 2018

What a great tips, thank you for write this :)

- Lily Kanaya -

Reply March 8, 2018

So in love with the color of that Gucci bag! It's gorgeous! This was a really helpful post. I don't own too many designer bags, but I am getting the itch to purchase one!!


Anika May
Reply March 8, 2018

So many pretty bags, I love the variety of colour too :) Loving the tips in this post, so helpful for me!

Anika |

Reply March 8, 2018

I've been dreaming about a Chanel bag for a while now. Thank you for the tips.

xx, Maryam

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
Reply March 8, 2018

SO many cute bags! I love the bright coral one with the floral print and the one with the fun shape and bow!


Elegant Duchess
Reply March 8, 2018

I have a few designer bags and they are all black! For me black is a classy and timeless hue therefore I can wear my bags with any outfit and any season and black just does not come out of fashion. Some of big designers have sales once or twice a year like Mulberry which is the best time to snap some beauties. xx

|Elegant Duchess|

Federica Di Nardo
Reply March 8, 2018

Sono tutte meravigliose :)


Reply March 8, 2018

They are all so pretty! I would love a designer bag, but I would not feel free to use it so probably not worth me buying it.

Katie xx

Reply March 8, 2018

I loved reading this post and thanks for sharing this information! Hope your week is going well!
xo Yvonne

Reply March 8, 2018

Oh my god these bags are gorgeous!

Reply March 9, 2018

Totally agree with all your points! This is such a helpful post for anyone dipping their toe in luxury handbags xx

Reply March 9, 2018

I guess ppl are just so different. some invest their money on black, which obv will go well with any outfit. sometimes it holds me back to buy things in color because of this reason hahah!


Reply March 9, 2018

Great post! Beautiful bag collection. Love that Gucci bag, it's such a pretty color!


Reply March 9, 2018

Thanks for sharing these tips.
Super handy for someone who gets its first designer bag purchase...
Love your collection.

Reply March 9, 2018

thse bags are just awesome!
IG @grace_njio

Desires In Style
Reply March 9, 2018

Questa mini guida è davvero utile! ;)
un bacione
Agnese & Elisa

Reply March 9, 2018

Such a great post on designer bags and I LOVE LOVE your Gucci!
Have a wonderful weekend, love!
xoxo, Vanessa

Reply March 9, 2018

Wow these bags are all beautiful and your photos are TO DIE for! SOOO pretty!

-Emily |

Reply March 9, 2018

Can´t get enough of this pink Chanel! It´s soooo gorgeous!


Deasy @ Rose Gold Rhyme
Reply March 9, 2018

Oh, these bags are gorgeous! I love the colors in all of these pre-loved bags <3 And after reading this post, I went down a rabbit hole of looking at pre-loved bags, haha.

Reply March 10, 2018

I love your bags! They are so pretty! I always fall in to LV bags as I always make profit out of them & Chanel is just impossible for my wallet :)


Reply March 10, 2018

Beautiful photos:) Love these bags!


Stephanie Castillo
Reply March 11, 2018

Too cute! Love the bags! Thank you for stopping by my blog too, I'm glad you enjoy my music :)


Reply March 11, 2018

You have a gorgeous selection of bags!


Lisa Autumn
Reply March 11, 2018

Such a helpful post! Thank you so much babe!

xx Lisa |

Reply March 11, 2018

Beautiful bags, love the Gucci.

Reply March 11, 2018

i love the bag!

Reply March 11, 2018

Luxury bags are always the best investment!!


Reply March 11, 2018

OMG how cuuuute you present these bags!!
Love it so much! Amazing pictures and my favourite is the blue Gucci ♡
I need to check out the luxury closet!

Selina | Selina's Inspiration

Reply March 11, 2018

I see you know how to buy the right designer bag as your collection is absolutely amazing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

the adventurer
Reply March 11, 2018

Wow these tips are so helpful! Thank you for sharing xx

Reply March 12, 2018

Such beautiful bags! Cannot wait o check them out!

xo, Jennifer

Reply March 13, 2018

Great tips! All of these bags are stunning

Chloe x

Reply March 15, 2018

Big fan of Chanel too! I agree with you about pink bag. Though black is such a classic, pink looks good on almost anything, be it light, pastel, or dark colored outfits.

Jessica |

Delila Pipoly
Reply April 10, 2018

Great post! I love all of these bags xx

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