By The Alps – Alagna & Macugnaga

While I’m sitting in front of the computer, in my new studio in Dubai, my Instagram feed is still programmed to spam you with all the pics that I took in Italy #sorrynottoosorry

My husband and I spent most of the past three weeks with the family but we also managed to visit some new places or to re-visit others. It was so fun to be tourists in our own town! Verbania and Lago Maggiore are really amazing. If you, guys, are thinking to visit Italy, definitely you should consider to add these destinations to your trip. Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples are magical. No one can say otherwise. But Italy is full of hidden gems that, sometimes, it’s worth to do something different than the typical touristic tour.

Verbania is strategically located next to the lake and the mountains. So, it offers many things to do for both those who love beaches and sun and those who prefer mountains and fresh air.

I’m definitely part of the first group, but sometimes I like to spend a day (maximum two!) at the mountain. This time my husband and I managed to visit two incredible places, pretty close to Verbania: Macugnaga and Alagna.

Macugnaga – Monte Rosa

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

Macugnaga is the small town at the feet of Monte Rosa. I’ve been here before. When I was young I took part of the skii school for a year or two. But, more than my childhood, this place reminds me my grandmother and my grand-grandmother. Our family album is full of photos of these two wonderful women who have been always indipendent and strong. They usually used to spend the summer in Macugnana, being busy to explore all shelters around the area.

It’s not difficult to understand why they were so in love with this place. The Monterosa ice is spectacular. You just feel so tiny standing in front of it.

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

There are several itineraries that you can do to explore Monte Rosa. Some of them are for experts, others can be easily done by everyone. My husband and I were with his sister and her husband who are experts. But, thanks god ( because I’m NOT an expert), there were also my nephew and nice (7 and 4 years old), who, by the way, were probably more trained than myself.

So we went to Capanna Zamboni. The route is quite easy (the next day I couldn’t walk, but yes, it was quite easy 😉 ). After one hour and half of walk you reach a shelter with a large level ground behind and you can decide if to eat at the house or to bring sandwiches and snacks by yourself.

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

I highly suggest to keep some energy on the way back to visit Macugnaga city. It’s a gorgeous little town. Each corner, with those flowers beautifully placed, calls for a photo!

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

Alagna – Valsesia

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

We went to Alagna with a group of friends. Unlike the trip we did to Macugnaga, the day we spent in Alagna was more about food and realx! You can easily reach Alagna by car and than you take the cableway to reach three refuges. In this case, the itinerary is really easy and it takes only few minutes of walk.

Of course, there are also different itineraries, more difficult and where you can reach higher places. But for this city girl, the first pit stop was already enough, lol!

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

Be prepared to breath fresh air, eat a lot because the food is amazing and because, as it’s common to say, mountain stimulates your appetite. If it’s a sunny day you can do a bath of sun after lunch and a quick nap.

As Macugnaga, also Alagna is such a well curated town. Houses seem almost fake for how beautiful and perfect they are. You walk along tiny streets, between these wood houses, and the only thing you think is that you are ready to give up your life and to retire here. Right now!

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -

By The Alps - Alagna & Macugnaga -




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Reply September 4, 2017

The landscape is so beautiul! It looks so relaxing!

Mariama Rebecca
Reply September 4, 2017

omg. this place looks so peaceful and beautiful.

Elegant Duchess
Reply September 4, 2017

these places look amazing. I have always wanted to go to Italy but somehow i always end up going somewhere in Caribbean. Photos look stunning

Reply September 4, 2017

I love the Alps so much and we try to go there every year, but in different countries. Your pictures are so lovely, they make me dream a bit of another holiday, so you better not stop this "spam" :-)
Love ♥
Claudine /

Reply September 4, 2017

Such a magical place ! Thanks for sharing !
Have a great start to your week !

Reply September 4, 2017

These mountains look AMAZING! Love the photos, I need to go spend some time in the nature!
Have an awesome day!
xx Kris

Reply September 4, 2017

Beautiful photos. This place is amazing.

Nina's Style Blog

Reply September 4, 2017

This is so pretty! Hope you have a lovely week. Gemma x

Reply September 4, 2017

Che meraviglia! Bellissime foto, del resto tutto il tuo blog e il tuo IG sono inni alla bellezza :) anche se commento poco sai che ci sono! Baci

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Blonde pow
Reply September 4, 2017

I loved this post. thanks for sharing.

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Reply September 4, 2017

It looks like you really had an amazing time there. The place is simply magical!

xo Corina

Michelle X Pan
Reply September 4, 2017

Oh god, the rows of flowers on the balconies! I'm so in love with those houses <3

- Michelle -
MICHELLE X PAN | A surrealist fashion blog

letne dni look younger
Reply September 4, 2017

Beautiful photos, the place look amazing and so relaxing.
Dusana :-)

Reply September 5, 2017

The views are incredible! It would be my dream to go there someday. :)

Reply September 5, 2017

ohhhh the photos are beautiful hun...definitely going on my list!!
kisses in the sandpit ❤︎

Reply September 5, 2017

This is pretty cool adventure.
I would love to try it.

Much Love,
Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

Reply September 5, 2017

Truly stunning!


Reply September 5, 2017

Gorgeous photos there babe! These places are really breathtaking; the landscapes looked too good to be true, and would make a really nice wallpaper. ha! Great job on your photos!

Jessica |

Amy Arnold
Reply September 5, 2017

Gorgeous photos! I'd love to visit.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Reply September 5, 2017

Dear Chiara, I have to admit the pictures are too less! I love Italy and I love the Alps there, too! I see you visited wonderful places and the hiking tours were a dream. I have been so often in Italy and I still think this is a versatile and very beautiful country. Fortunately Italy is not too far away from us - it takes us with the car only about 3 - 4 hours.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Reply September 5, 2017


Check out my Fall Lookbook :)

Kara Aragon
Reply September 6, 2017

Wow! These photos are like a dream. Absolutely stunning! I would love to be at those locations.

Kara Aragon

Len Parent
Reply September 6, 2017

Absolutely stunning photos and model! Looks like you had fun, Chiara. Stay fab babe!
Thanks for sharing!
Much love, Len

Reply September 6, 2017

Oh wow dear! This looks like you had an amazing time up in the Alps :) I am sure you felt free up there like nowhere else ;)
xx, Carmen -

Reply September 6, 2017

So pretty! I love all your photos! I don't mind looking at it for hours!

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Reply September 6, 2017

Stunning photos~

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
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Reply September 6, 2017

Oh it certainly looks so so dreamy! Very jealous of your travels! xx

Reply September 6, 2017

Lovely pictures !

Daniel x

The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

Remi Sabbah
Reply September 6, 2017

Wow! What a fantastic experience this must have been!
Check the new post on the blog:

Reply September 6, 2017

Looks like its fantastic!

Reply September 6, 2017

WOW!! Absolutely stunning and you've captured the place so beautifully. Just stunning xx

Reply September 7, 2017

Gawd! The scenery is to die for! Just so stunning! Lovely photos as well :)

xx shaine

Reply September 7, 2017

Such a nice post! x

Eva Perez
Reply September 9, 2017

What a lovely place! Gorgeous pictures

xxxx, Eva

Saida - She talks Glam
Reply September 10, 2017

Oh girl, what a beautiful and inspiring post. These places look just too dreamy. I wouldn't mind at all to live here when I retire indeed! I love reconnecting with nature as well, it makes you feel small and really appreciative of this planet's beauty and also helps to recharge the batteries! Hope you are having a great September so far

Saida | She talks Glam

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