The Gingham Skirt I’m So Into Right Now

Every season has its own must haves. Some of them last for a time of three months. Others become carry over. There are three trends that come back at every Spring, making all fashion editors talk about them: floral prints, pastel colors and gingham. You will probably read about them on repeat for the next weeks.

Since Bonjour Chiara always wants offer to her readers styling tips, I thought that I couldn’t call myself fashion blogger if I didn’t dedicate at least one article to these trends.

Today I’m focusing on gingham. Scroll down for a little bit of inspo.

The Fashion Reporter Suggests: The Gingham Skirt

I posted this photo last week on my Instagram and it was a success. Girls felt in love with the red gingham skirt that I wore. Totally understandble since I was the first one to fell in love with the skirt when I spotted it at Zara.

Gingham is one of the oldest trends in the fashion history. If we look at our grandma’s photos we can certainly find at least one picture where she wears a gingham cloth.

When I spy those blue little checks I immediately think about the warm season. I picture myself on a beach in St. Tropez, wearing a pair of 50’s-inspired sunnies, carrying a straw bag and drinking a cocktail. This is just a dream, since I’ve never been to St. Tropez but the gingham print, or otherwise called Vichy, gives me those feelings.

The most popular gingham comes in the color of blue or black. But, actually, you can really wear gingham in every color. For this season I invested in the Zara red gingham skirt and a yellow gingham top. Ops! Now that I think about, I also bought a pair of black Vichy pants with cute ruffles at Zara. I hope my husband will never read this article, since he always says that I neither know all the clothes that I own.

If you still have to put your hands on this trend my suggestion is to opt for a gingham skirt. It’s fun, feminine and pretty easy to accessorize. Normally the gingham print is for casual day time. So go ahead with a classic masculine shirt to pair with midi gingham skirt, Otherwise, you can try a funky combo mixing a striped top with a mini gingham skirt.

This season skirts are even more feminine then before. It’s easy to find ruffles or maxi bows on the skirt. Just small details that make the difference.

Scroll down to see my selection of gingham skirt and happy shopping!

The Fashion Reporter Suggests: The Gingham Skirt

Shop The Gingham Skirt

Caroline Constas Gingham Skirt
Topshop Gingham Skirt
Veronica Beard Picnic Bow Mini Skirt
MSGM Gingham Ruffle Mini Skirt
Yellow Asimtterical Gingham Skirt
Asos Red Gingham Deconstructed Midi Skirt
Gingham Ruffle Skirt

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Reply April 9, 2017

I'm obsessed with anything gingham! Love these picks!

Reply April 9, 2017

Gingham is one of my favorite prints for Spring! It's just such a fun and happy pattern!


Reply April 9, 2017

These skirts are so cute!

Reply April 9, 2017

I am all about gingham at the moment so I absolutely love that inspiration <3
Thanks for sharing!
xx, Carmen -

Mlle Perrier
Reply April 9, 2017

Love it ! the first skirt is my fav

joel moore
Reply April 9, 2017

Love this post!

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