A Luxury Experience With Emirates A380

There are mornings when you check your emails and you just find a lot of crap: spam, deadline reminders and boring stuff. Other days you open your email box and you find an invitation from Emirates to spend two days in Dubai, flying in business class, to try out the new A380 aircraft.


Sorry, I still can’t contain my enthusiasm. First because Emirates is my favorite airline company in the entire world – and trust me, I’m not saying that because they gave me a free ticket to Dubai, but certainly I love them even much more now!! Second because if “Paris is always a good idea” for Europe, Dubai is the good one for Middle East ūüôā

So, on November 29th, I overpacked packed my luggage and I headed over to Hamad International Airport where I met my #travelsquad. Then, after almost missing our flight because of rooming around in the launge with delicious food (ops), I sitted in my business class seat and I enjoyed that 55 minutes flight.

Note: I’m constantly underline the business class ticket not because I want to make you jelous – ok, maybe just a little bit. But because, normally, I fly in economy. Only recently I started to fly in business class and it was because of a serie of random circumstances.¬†But, omg! Business Class is totally another way of travelling. I can properly relax myself, my legs, my feet, lying down to those super comfy seats. I can have some me-time enjoying a good movie (and a clapping for Emirates which has always the best selection of movies), totally isolated from¬†the rest of the world thanks to the noise-cancelling¬†headphones.

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Dubai Miracle Garden

After having a good night (and a great breakfast) at La Meridien Dubai Hotel, we spent November 30th being tourists around Dubai. Emirates organized for us a trip to¬†Dubai Miracle Garden to check the Emirates airplane displayed at the park. If you haven’t been there yet, I really recommend a visit. It’s an incredible beautiful place where every single thing is covered by flowers. If you think that¬†Dubai is a¬†city built in the middle of the desert, Dubai Miracle Garden is really pretty insane!

Further if you are a blogger – or, better – a colorful blogger as I am, Dubai Miracle Garden is pretty much what the heaven looks like for you! I couldn’t miss the chance to take some pics surrounded by all those colors. So, I quickly trained my travel friends to become my photographers. I love what they shot!


Bonjour Chiara Travels // Dubai Miracle Garden

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Dubai Miracle Garden

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Dubai Miracle Garden

We had the afternoon free and I went to the Dubai Mall. Obvious clichè!

After splurging half of my salary a bit of shopping we went back to the hotel to have dinner with Emirates. Good food, great company, lovely evening during when Emirates gave us sneak peeks about the A380 aircraft, growing our enthusiasm!

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Dubai Miracle Garden

And then December 1st arrived. I was really excited. We were making the history being part of the world’s shortest scheduled A380 service!!
If the standard business class seats are already the best for me, the ones on Emirates A380 are even a step ahead. More privacy, more space, more services Рlike a lounge bar that offers canapés and drinks.

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Emirates A380 - Dubai Doha

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Emirates A380 - Dubai Doha

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Emirates A380 - Dubai Doha

Once we landed in Doha, we went back on the plane for a guided tour. And it was in that moment that I saw it: the First Class. Four lines of private suites plus two complementary showers, probably bigger than the apartment I had in Milan.

When I told about my trip to friends, they all asked me the same question. “What’s the point to have all these services for 60 minutes flight?”. Yes, you are totally right.¬†Some of these services are not even active during Dubai-Doha flight.
However, Emirates thought¬†bigger here. Let’s say that you are in Australia and you are coming back to Doha. You flew till Dubai on an Emirates A380 aircraft. You lived a certain experience, independently of your class ticket. (I’m talking a lot about business class, but let’s be honest. Emirates economy class is still a very great¬†one. Much better than most of other airlines’ economy class). You, as traveller, wish to keep the same experience from the beginning to the end of your trip. And now you can!

Further, Doha is the highest frequency destination in the Emirates network. So they really wanted to build an even much stronger relationship between the two cities.

Anyway, my experience was really fabulous! A huge thanks to Emirates.

I want to close this post saying that with nine no-stop daily flights to Dubai, Emirates gave to us, girls,¬†a great reason to jump on a plane early in the morning, running to malls for A LOT of shopping, catching a flight later in the evening and being back at home ready to spend time with the family. Isn’t it the best dream?!

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Emirates A380 - Dubai Doha

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Emirates A380 - Dubai Doha

Bonjour Chiara Travels // Emirates A380 - Dubai Doha

*This post is in partnership with Emirates.

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Reply December 8, 2016

Omg! What an amazing experience! Totally in love with the flower flight at Miracle Garden!

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply December 8, 2016

    Dubai Miracle Garden is magic!! I have around 60 photos in my camera because everything was covered by flowers!!!
    xoxo, Chiara

DE Starlight Araga
Reply December 8, 2016

Wow i wish to experience this finest flight being in the business class...for sure there are a lots of comfy experience out there

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply December 8, 2016

    I really wish you all the luck to get an upgrade of class and to try the business class. It happened to in September. It was fantastic!!
    xoxo, Chiara

Reply December 9, 2016

Amazing pictures and experience, so lucky!


Reply December 12, 2016

Omg this is insanely gorgeous!!

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