3 No-Closet Solutions For Your Bedroom

Being a shopaholic who lives in a small house sucks! I don’t know how many times I forgot that I have that bag or those shoes simply because I couldn’t display them as I would and they get lost somewhere in my wardrobe. Men think that women dream about putting THAT ring on their fingers but the reality is different. Our biggest dream is to own a walk-in closet!

Unfortunately my house hasn’t enough space to include a walk-in closet. But I’m stubborn and, determinated to find a solution, I started browsing Pinterest.

And guess what? I found many inspirations! Pinterest never disappoints me.

Girls, you don’t need an entire room to build a walk-in closet up. Nowadays there are so many solutions and alternatives that our dreams can come true, without even drowning our bank account too much. I’m super excited, aren’t you?!!

So, first step I put together my favorite solutions in a moodboard. I’m sharing it with you. Maybe you can get inspirations, too.

Bonjour Chiara Ideas // How to organize space when your bedroom doesn't come with a closet -

Once I have decided which solution was the best for me I went straight on the IKEA website. If Mr Pinterest is my first source for inspo, Mr IKEA is the one who makes my dream come true.
When you have a “no closet ” kind of closet the biggest challenge is to fit all clothes in, but the second biggest challenge is to be organized. There are no doors to hide your mess, so everything must be in the right place.
So I decided to put together some “no closet storage ideas” that might be helpful.


If you have a really small space you can use a free standing or – even better – this open section. To save space you can fit this chest of 4 drawers inside the section removing the last shelf. Hang shirts, jackets and trousers on the upper part of your section (you can hang up to three pair of trousers on the same hanger if you use this) and store t-shirt and sportwear items inside the chest. Use these boxes for sweaters, foulards and scarves. You can roll them to save more space.

Bonjour Chiara Ideas // How to organize space when your bedroom doesn't come with a closet -


1. ELVARLI, 1 selection | 2. STRYKIS, trouser hanger | 3. UNDREDAL, chest of 4 drawers | 4. SKUBB, set of 3 boxes


This is my favorite solution. These two sections are big enough to hang dresses, coats, jackets and shirts. Then fold jeans and pants and lay them down on the shelves. Use these boxes to store bras, slips and socks. The colorful cabinets are perfect to keep your shoes and bags away from dust.

An additional tip: try to arrange clothes by color and to match all storage containers. Trust me, everything will look better!

Bonjour Chiara Ideas // How to organize space when your bedroom doesn't come with a closet -


1.LIXHULT, cabinets | 2. SLAKTING, set of 3 boxes | 3. ELVARLI, 2 sections | 4. SLAKTING storage bag


Not exactly a walk-in closet, but these 3 sections are pretty close to be one! With four railings you won’t be worried about where to hang your clothes. Shelves can be used to display your bags. Don’t forget to use the highest shelf, too. The extra tip is to use bookends to create small areas where to organize your bags.
Shoes are always a problem because they keep a lot of room. A brilliant idea is to use this shoe organizer. Hang two or three and you earn space for 48 shoes!!

In this combo there are only two drawers and drawers are really useful. You can decide to customize this section adding more drawers or you can opt for a different storage combo to add a touch of color to your room.

Bonjour Chiara Ideas // How to organize space when your bedroom doesn't come with a closet -


1.ELVARLI, 3 sections | 2. SKUBB, shoe organizer | 3. TROFAST, storage box | 4. TROFAST, storage combo

*Post in partnership with IKEA Qatar

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Wow this is such a great post!! I love these ideas :)

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply November 21, 2016

    Thanks so much!! Sometimes we really need to add few items to make more space in the closet!
    xoxo, Chiara

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