How To Dress Stylish At The Office

For some of you holidays are over and it’s time to come back to office. I always find so hard (and depressing!) to pull out again the office uniform after spending weeks living in flip flop and short pants. I have the feeling that my feet enjoyed the freedom that sandals give so much that they couldn’t fit in pump shoes anymore.

To try to keep depression post-summer away as longer as possible, I’ve put together an outfit that might inspire some of you.

Disclaimer: If your job required a specific dresscode, for example a suit, this post is not for you, but you can still catch some inspo. However, if you are free to play with clothes at work please keep scrolling and read the article.

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt + Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

If there is an item that it’s time to invest in is a bow shirt. I find the bow shirt extremely sophisticated and versatile. Match it with a classic suit to instantly elevate the look. Wear it with jeans and overall for a ladylike outfit.
I’m a huge fan of this trend. Honestly I neither consider it as a trend. I always have a bow shirt in my closet, no matter what fashion editors say. It helps me to create the most feminine look. For this reason I’m always ready to add new members in the family. When I spotted this bow shirt out at H&M I knew that it would have made its way into my fall closet.

A bow shirt can also upgrade the simplest dress. In this article I decided to match my H&M bow shirt with a denim overall dress. I’m lucky because my job gives me the freedom to wear what I want. But if you need something less trendy opt for a classic little black dress to wear on your shirt. (The combo dress + shirt is a epic fall trend!).

Bonjour Chiara Wears // Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

Flip flops are banned as soon as you put the first step outside the beach. This is my first rule. So certainly I don’t wear flip flops when I work. But summer can be hot (and certainly it is in Doha) and it might be hard to slip in to pumps and shoes. Luckly I recently found the perfect pair of flat sandals to wear this summer.
Jasmine Elizabeth is a new brand to add to my growing list of favorite shoe designers. The collection as well as the palette of colors are adorable. Naja Flat has became my go-to-go pair of shoes to wear both on the city or holiday because it’s extremely comfortable!

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt + Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt + Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

H&M Maxi Bow Shirt | H&M Denim Overall Skirt | Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes (℅) | Lancel Bag

*Thanks Jasmine Elizabeth for sponsoring this post

Bonjour Chiara Wears // H&M Maxi Bow Shirt + Jasmine Elizabeth Flat Shoes -

Bonjour Chiara
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Reply August 30, 2016

Oh it's a H&M after all! Nice stuff that they do! I guess I am the lucky one (that I can wear sandals or even flip flop to work)!

xo Margaret |

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply August 30, 2016

    wow if you can work wearing flip flop you are really one of the luckiest ones!!

Reply August 30, 2016

I'm obsessed with this outfit! You look amazing xx

Reply August 30, 2016

Love your shirt and the whole look :)

Reply August 31, 2016

wow graet look. love it

Chelsea Henriquez
Reply August 31, 2016

Absolutely adore the bow-tie shirt and the sandals! Perfect for the office or for a Sunday stroll.


From Luxe With Love
Reply September 1, 2016

Beautiful babe! x

Reply September 1, 2016

Chic and stylish! beautiful ootd and pics as well :-) kisses

Reply September 4, 2016

Beautiful ootd!!!

Reply September 9, 2016

Stupenda questa camicia!!!!
Baci baci

Reply September 11, 2016

Ma che carina questa camicia col fiocco maxi. Non avrei mai detto fosse di H&M. Stai molto bene vestita cosi. Un look che ti dona parecchio.
Buon inizio di settimana,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

Reply September 12, 2016

Love this outfit doll! You look stunning :)

Check out my latest collab with NA-KD Fashion, if you get a minute x

Reply September 15, 2016

Questa camicia è stupenda !!! Adoro i fiocchi ...

Baci !!

Reply October 7, 2016

I'm loving the bow tie!! Cute outfit

xo elizabeth

Amber Renee
Reply October 11, 2016

This is always such an important women who work topic for me because its so important! make or break.

Beautiful bow top I just love it! So Melania Trump LOL!!!!!!!

Amber Reneé of,

Veronica LaFleur
Reply May 2, 2017

That is a gorgeous bow blouse. I love bow blouses too. I usually have a collared silk blouse and tie a bow on. It is so feminine. You look lovely!

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