The Day I Let My Husband Dressing Me

After reading the article on Menrepeller Would you ever let your romantic counterpart dress you?” I was very curious to replicate the experiment and to see what my husband would choose for me. So yes, I let my husband dressing me and this is the story of what happened.

The request to pick an outfit sounded too generic for my husband. I could tell it from his face that I scared him! I’m pretty sure the reason was because he imagined himself opening my wardrobe and being immersed by hundred and hundred of clothes. So I restricted the choice giving him the specific job to pick the look that he wanted me to wear at our first date. It’s always better to make the husband’s job easier 😉

I must say that his choices really surprised me. I was ready to bet all my beloved bags that he would have pulled out sneakers and jeans. He always says that he likes me more with simple clothes.
Jeans were his choice but not the first one. His first pick was a white shirt, a lace midi skirt and high heels.


This outfit is miles far away from the idea of casual look!! I can’t hide that for a moment I thought that my husband lied me for all this time. Then I understood. The “I love you when you wear casual” is a BIG LIE. Of course it’s faster to get dressed with a pair of denim and a simple white T-shirt. It also means he doesn’t have to wait for long to see me ready and dressed.

Anyway, I’m not sure if it was the gaze that I gave him but he changed idea at last minute. He picked the jeans instead of the skirt.
Yes! THIS is the husband that I know.

Bonjour Chiara Wears // I let my husband dressing me and this is what happened -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // I let my husband dressing me and this is what happened -

He kept heels and I was happy because I really love these Charlotte Olympia shoes. They are a recent purchase from Net-A-Porter Sale. Thanks to the block heel these shoes are comfortable. The glitter touch and the big bow on the front add an unexpected statement finish to the shoes.
I admit that I had a second shock when he asked me to wear a specific pair of earrings. This is a detail that normally my husband wouldn’t notice! Well, I guess he took the job I gave him very seriosuly.

Bonjour Chiara Wears // I let my husband dressing me and this is what happened -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // I let my husband dressing me and this is what happened -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // Celine bag -

To conclude the experiment I also asked him to write down the reason why he wanted me to wear these stuff.

Here his comments:

The question is why did I choose that outfit?

The question might sounds easy but the answer is not, at least for someone with zero knowledge of fashion as I am! However, I pulled out from the wardrobe what I felt best fit my wonderful wife and imagining her coming to our first date. I wanted something simple, nothing fancy, something that at the first glance would give me an idea of the person she is and the person that she might be by my side. But at the same time I wanted something to capture my attention and to highlight her curves, to add a little taste and to intrigue me 🙂 High hills to impress, tight jeans to intrigue and a white shirt for simplicity. However, the truth is that whatever she would have dressed at our first date would not matter… I knew I would have loved her anyway for the rest of my life!

Bonjour Chiara Wears // I let my husband dressing me and this is what happened -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // I let my husband dressing me and this is what happened -

Bonjour Chiara Wears // Charlotte Olympia shoes -

Gap boyfriend shirt | American Eagle jeans | Charlotte Olympia shoes | Céline bag | Polder earrings

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I really enjoyed this challange! :-)

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Great bag & sandals!

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