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I’m not very famous for my green thumb. I usually let plants die. Or better, I try with all my best to take care of plants but for some reasons that I totally ignore I always end to manage plants’ funeral. When I decorated my house in Doha I decided to choose a lot of artificial plants. I don’t have anyone who can water the plants when I’m away. The weather is very hot. My thumb is no so green. So I decided to go for artificial plants and flowers which I also use as props for my pictures.

But I admit that although these artificial plants are really well made decorating the living room with real plants creates totally another atmosphere. I’d let myself be tempted by buying new plants and flowers but my cats would eat destroy them and I’m not sure for how long I’m  gonna stay in Qatar (a moving can be around the corner – but this is another chapter). So in the meantime that I decide what to do I made my homeworks and I put together a list of the best plants for indoor.

Here a memo of the best plants for indoor that you can easily PIN

Bonjour Chiara: The Best Plants For Indoor -


I’m not an interior expert but I have the feeling that plants are becoming an important part of house. Pinterest overflows of images of wonderful living rooms full of plants. I’m starting to have a passion not only for the plant itself but also for all creative pots that complete the decoration. I made of this passion a board on Pinterest! And what to say of all those beautiful coffee tables that hold plants. Last but not least we cannot forget to mention the hanging plants which create a jungle atmosphere in the middle of the living room.

For the real enthisiasts there is also an Instagram page dedicated to this green mania. It’s called Urban Jungle Bloggers.
Further, you can also scroll down this page and see some of my favorite green iteriors that really inspire me.

Bonjour Chiara: The Best Plants For Indoor -

1 | 2Bonjour Chiara: The Best Plants For Indoor -

3 | 4Bonjour Chiara: The Best Plants For Indoor -

5Bonjour Chiara: The Best Plants For Indoor -

6 | 7Bonjour Chiara: The Best Plants For Indoor -


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