10 Things About Me

I’ve been on the blogsphera for a while now so some of you might have understood which are my interests. Especially if you follow my Instagram it can be quite clear what I love. I love cats – I actually have three, plus a fourth that lives outside. I love everything which is releated with the wor(l)d stationary. So give me notebooks, pens, stamps (oh my god, especially stamps), washi tapes, post-it and marker pens and I’ll be yours forever. I love clothes, shoes and bags – at the end of day this blog was born as fashion blog. I love a world painted with a lot of PINK.

It’s easy to get these info about me because they are written on my Instagram bio. So I thought that it would be nice to share more about me with you.
Said that, grab a fresh drink from the fridge and keep strolling this post to read 10 things about me.


1.I dream of living in San Francisco, USA. If not I would love to live in Paris or also somewhere in Australia (but maybe just for few years, it’s really too far from my homecountry).

2.I’m a fan of alternative music. Give me that last cd of The Lumineers or Band Of Horses and I’ll be happy. But I have a secret to confess. I’m also a HUGE HUGE fan of David Guetta 😀 Its songs make me want to be on the beach, dancing at the sunset with a cocktail in my hand.

3.My father is from South Italy and my mother from North Italy. They met for the first time at University in Pavia. My dad had a dog and my mom always saw this dog on the terrance of the building in front of the one where she lived. So one day she rang my dad’s door because she wanted to meet the dog. And then the love story began.

4.I collect everything and anything, but I probably should admit that I use the term “collection” to justify my shopping insticts. “Of course I need this napkin’s pack. It’s for my collection!”

5.One of my dreams is to travel at least once in life with a simple backpack, but I know myself and I can tell since now that this dream is absolutely impossible to realize 😉

6.I know that one day I will open my own concept store and it’s gonna be amazing.

7.I have a crush for skulls and soon or later I will get a skull tattoo, a Mexican skull specifically.

8.I’m from Verbania, Italy and it’s not a secret. But when I was in my 20’s I considered Verbania quite boring with only few things to do. Now that I’m in my 30-something and my lifestyle has changed I think Verbania is a wonderful city where to live (but for shopping I’ll still go to Milan!)

9.I started learning Chinese few years ago but quite soon I quit because I started working. I wish I had not done.

10.Between flat shoes and high heels I will always choose flat shoes, but I will always buy high heels that I’ll never wear.

Bonjour Chiara: 10 Things About Me -

Bonjour Chiara: VERBANIA, Lago Maggiore

Bonjour Chiara: OLIVE T-shirt, H&M jeans, Louis Vuitton bag -

Bonjour Chiara: 10 Things About Me -
Bonjour Chiara: 10 Things About Me -

Bonjour Chiara: OLIVE T-shirt -

Bonjour Chiara: Golden Goose wo-man shoes -

Bonjour Chiara: VERBANIA, Lago Maggiore

Bonjour Chiara: 10 Things About Me -

Bonjour Chiara:Louis Vuitton bag -

Olive Cactus T-shirt | H&M Black Jeans | Golden Goose Shoes | Louis Vuitton Bag

Chiara Amodeo
About me

Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


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Reply June 21, 2016

Very beautiful the edges so finished, you look great!

Reply June 21, 2016

Pensa invece i miei si sono conosciuti perchè mio padre aveva scommesso con i suoi amici che "quella la faccio innamorare". Mia mamma ci è cascata, ma quando ha scoperto il gioco non ne ha voluto più sapere. E dopo due anni si sono ritrovati ed è nato l'amore, quello vero!
Un bacione!

Reply June 22, 2016

Been reading and following your blog for quiet some time now. I must tell I am Pink lover as well. Great to know more about you! Loved reading this.

Reply June 24, 2016

This is pure magic

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