What To Wear When Temperature Hits 50 Degrees

When thermometer hits 50 degrees it’s not very simple to dress yourself. You would wish to take your skin off rather than add any other layers. But life goes on, and after almost three years in Doha I’ve learned what to wear in summer.

First important rule: forget about all heavy fabrics, lycra and nylon materials. To keep your body as much cooler as possible wear cotton. It makes your skin breath, which is very important.
This year I found fabulous and very fresh clothes at Zara. In particular I bought some pieces – which are already my summer key pieces – from Zara Studio collection. I found Zara Studio’s cotton better than the one from the classic collection. It’s softer. Prices are a little bit higher than the standard ones but so far I can say that the balance between quality and price is really good.

Second important rule: let your feet breath as much as possible. When temperature hits 50 degrees I try to leave sneakers, boots, pumps in the closet as much as I can opting for sandals and open shoes. It makes really a big difference. For daily outfits I prefer wearing medium heels. I keep high heels for evening but I also skip flat shoes during the day because Doha is really sandy and my feet get dirty in 5 seconds if I walk in flat soles.
Thanks god most of brands have medium heel shoes in their collections and most of the time they are pretty. My recent “new-in” are these  baby pink shoes from Kurt Geiger (see the picture).

Third important rule: trust me, when there are 45 or more degrees outside even carrying a bag with you can be listed beetween missions impossible! What’s my solution? After two summers of experience I came out with this theory: no leather bags, unless they are mini. In general, I would say that a mini bag is better than a big one. Especially if it has the shoulder strap. My favorite is Furla Metropolitan bag!
But if you need to carry around a lot things (we are women after all) choose a raphia or straw bag. Nowadays there are straw bags which are perfect to be worn both in the City and at the beach. My favorite brand at the moment is Sensi Studio – and there are some styles on sale on – but I also love Vanessa Bruno straw bag.

Fourth and last important rule: if thermometer marks 50 degrees, it’s absolutely impossible to stay outside for more than 15 minutes. So, it’s funny to say, but during summer life takes completely place inside in Doha. Inside hotels, malls, houses… where temperatures are around 18 degrees!! Qatar loves the A/C and it ends to abuse of it. So no matter if even the simple thought of holding a jacket in your hand makes you sweat, never forget to bring something to wear on when you go out (also for local tradition reasons that they don’t allow to show your shoulders off). Personally, most of time, I bring a denim jacket because it works with almost everything. I consider it my passe-partout for the summer.

#OOTD: Zara Studio Dress + Furla Metropolis Bag -

#OOTD: Furla Metropolis Bag -

#OOTD: Zara Studio Dress + Furla Metropolis Bag -


#OOTD: Zara Dress + & Other Stories Jacket-

#OOTD: & Other Stories Jacket-

#OOTD: Zara Dress + Furla Metropolis Bag -

#OOTD: & Other Stories Jacket-

Zara Studio dress | & Other Stories denim jacket | Kurt Geiger sandals | Furla Metropolis bags | Stradivarius pins

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Reply June 13, 2016

Love the Scuba Club denim jacket. That is too cute. :]

// ▲ ▲

Paula Rodelas
Reply June 13, 2016

I loveee it! It´s great! Just found your blog and Im follow since now:)


Elsa Gervasi
Reply June 15, 2016

Hi darling!

I really love your incredible skirt and your fantastic shoes! You're so beautiful with this outfit. A big kiss :)

An Unusual Style

Reply August 3, 2016

Hi, Chiara! You've been so nice to me on instagram that I thought I'd check out your blog :)
I absolutely love this post (and not just because the outfit is so adorable!) so thank you for the tips. Although where I live (Indonesia) it's not as hot as Qatar, we also tend to abuse the AC so although it's sweltering outside, a jacket is just good sense. I hope you keep hydrated and stay cool!

Alive as Always

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