Seen, Loved, Taken: Olive Clothing

Pinterest is dangerous, didn’t know it?!

Friday morning. I’m waiting for my husband who is still sleeping. I switch on my Mac. The blog post is already  published, Facebook Page has been updated, it’s still too early to share something on Instagram. All my social life is under control. I decide to check Pinterest. You know, just to kill time.

“I’m going to pin some pictures, taking some inspo for a new post and read some interesting articles. THAT’S IT!” These are the words that I repeat in my mind. A kind of memo.

Too late…

My eyes are caught by a ladybug stitch cropped shirt. It’s too cute, I want to know more where it is from. What’t that brand “Olive Clothing“? I’ve never heard about that. Ok let me check the website. Just check, Chiara. Just C-H-E-C-K.

Again. Too late.

In less than 10 minutes I’ve made my selection. 3 wonderful pieces that -of course – I cannot live without (and honestly I’m still asking myself how I survived these years without Olive Clothing). But, you know, it’s only a selection. I won’t click on checkout. Mainly because my credit card is not working online at the moment so I literally can’t do shopping and I don’t want to wake up my husband to ask him for his credit card. Do I want? No I can’t! Can I?

I have an idea.

Slowly slowly I go close our bedroom’s door. It’s closed otherwise cats would enter and would wake up my sweet-adorable-husband. And we don’t want to wake him up, right? [noise of the door opening].


“Good morning sweety! What happened? Are you already awake? Oh it’s because of cats. I’m sorry my sweet husband. But you look particuarly handsome today. I love you, you know right? Can you borrow me your credit card ?”

Checkout done! 🙂

Olive Clothing order, I’m waiting for you.

Olive Clothing SS16 -

[clockwise] 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

Bonjour Chiara
About me

Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


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Reply May 3, 2016

Beautiful classy as always :) I like it!

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