Andrea Officially Brings The Maxi Collars Back

These days are probably the last one where long sleveless are admitted. Temperature is changing. I can feel it. Certainly I don’t want to waste these last occasions to wear some of my favorite clothes.

Without any doubts I’m quite obsessed by shirts. If you open my wardrobe you will find hundred of shirts. There is one for any occasion or for any of my #MoodOfTheDay: funny, classic, feminine, printed or plain. My favortites are those with a special detail. Normally this detail that makes the difference is the collar.

Yes, if I’m quite obsessed by shirts I’m definitely very obsessed by collars. Peter pan collars, maxi collars, round collars. You pick a style and I say “I have it!”. Sometimes I used to add collars to top and round neck t-shirt (like I did here)

Said that, you can easily understand why I have a crush for the italian brand Andrea. As soon as I saw Andrea collection on Instagram and in particular as soon as I spotted its shirts I thought I need them. Andrea’s shirts are incredibly gorgeous. They are detailed by special collars. Each collection has a theme: last fall-winter was all about sushi and the collection was full of maxi collars with sushi and sashimi! This spring-summer is about crabs and of course there are crabs on collars.

Andrea has officially brought the maxi collars back!

The shirt that I’m wearing today is one of my favorite. I adore the maxi collar. It looks vintage and it reminds me some of my grandmother’s shirts, but at the same time it’s absolutely modern! I’ve chosen to wear it with neutral colors to keep the attention on the embroidered maxi collar. And I’m very happy with the result!

Andrea collection is not only about shirts. There are also amazing dresses, skirts and sweaters. The designer is a very talented young woman with an excellent creativity! You can check SS16 collection here.

Andrea Official brings the maxi collars back! -

Andrea Official brings the maxi collars back! -

Furla Metropolis Bag -

Furla Metropolis Bag & Celine Hat & Chloé Shoes -


Furla Metropolis Bag & Celine Hat -

Andrea Official brings the maxi collars back! -

Andrea Official brings the maxi collars back! -

Andrea Official brings the maxi collars back! -

Andrea shirt | H&M skirt | Chloé shoes | Cèline hat | Furla Metropolis bag

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Reply April 8, 2016

Che camicia deliziosa Chiara! Questo look è così primaverile e fresco che mi piace veramente molto!!

The Princess Vanilla

    Bonjour Chiara
    Reply April 10, 2016

    Grazie Eleonora! Si la camicia la adoro, è stato proprio un colpo di fulmine! E il cappello è un vecchio acquisto che ancora doveva essere sfoggiato. Questa mi è sembrata l'occasione perfetta! Buona domenica :)

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