MIlan Fashion Week: Street Style Under The Rain

Milan Fashion Week is the time of the year where everything is justyfied. And when I say everything I mean really EVERYTHING. Words like “style”, “glamour” and “chic” are put a part for seven days in favor of the motto “Be ridiculous“.

I might be a little bit polemic, but it’s becoming so common to see bizarre (or goofy) outfits that make me vacillate my love for fashion and also make me ask “why are you at Milan sitting at front row, when I’m here at my office surrounded by deadlines? What do you have more than me despite a no-sense of style?”.

Anyway, this is Milan Fashion Week and it won’t be an article written by an un-known blogger to change the world. But one thing I have to say. Uff, ok, another one if you have already counted my intro as one 🙂

I might understand ridiculous outfits, I might understand bizarre shoes and I might also understand all unwearable stuff that designers propose us every season. But what I really don’t understand and I don’t want to, it’s this:

Milan Fashion Week FW16: Street Style Under The Rain. How to ruin expensive bags! -

Original pics by Asia Typek –

For which reason you, girl, are trying to protect your hair from the rain when you have probably spent around 100 euros for the hairstyle and you don’t care about THAT bag that you are carrying which certainly costs more than 10 sessions at beauty salon? For which hell reason Milan Fashion Week makes women think that a street style shot is more important than to protect your 2,000 Euro bag? Please some one give me a reason. And it has to be a good one.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit maniac when it comes to my bags. I used to put papers inside the bag everytime that I don’t use it to keep it on shape. Dusty bags are my best friends. But really, I wouldn’t never let my bags take a single drop of rain!

Further, there are so many cute umbrellas nowdays that I think that you could have also more chances to be noticed by photographers if you carry one of these. I’ve searched on Google and hundred of colors, models and brands popped out. I’ve selected my favorite three umbrellas.

Milan Fashion Week FW16: Street Style Under The Rain. 3 stylish umbrealls to bring with you -

1.Fossil X Opening Ceremony 2.Kate Spade New York 3.Kate Spade New York

And if you want to create a winner situation, one of those that make you stand out during Milan Fashion Week, Mrs B. has put together three looks with the latest designer pieces.

What kind of IT Girl do you want to be during Milan Fashion Week?

Look 1. The RAINBOW GIRL knows how to mix and match colors and patterns. She is chic and ironic at the same time. She chooses Hello Kitt bag by Olympia Le Tan and in case of rain she has Kate Spade rainbow umbrella with her!

Look 2. The POLKA DOTS GIRL prefers to play with denim accessories, pairing sparkling shoes. To keep the idea of the white and black outfit, she brings with her Kate Spade stripes umbrella.

Look 3. The FASHION VICTIM GIRL cannot resist to wear Moschino latest collection. From the fashion show to Net-A-Porter and then to her closet, she loves playing with the latest trends. She doesn’t take herself too serious. She is the perfect girl to wear a cat umbrella, like the one designed by Fossil X Opening Ceremony.

Milan Fashion Week FW16: Street Style-

Shop Look 1 here | Shop Look 2 here | Shop Look 3 here

Milan Fashion Week FW16: Street Style Under The Rain. How to ruin expensive bags! -

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