5 Cute Ideas To Do On Valentine’s Day

This is the week of Love. Valentine’s Day is coming, bringing also that sense of anxiety to both who has a partner and who doesn’t. “What should I buy to my lover?” “How sad I will look like to celebrate this day alone?

Well, let me be honest with you. I think Valentine’s Day is quite overrated. Nowadays we are bombarded by thousand of messages that we need necessarly a partner and we have to spend a lot of money to celebrate this day in a big way and make it unforgettable. Stupid things.

If I’m not part of that club who loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day (but I’m more into the club who prefers to celebrate love every single day of the year), I like the original meaning of this celebration: to share some love. I adore the american tradition to exchange Valentine’s cards, to spread love between people. Your partner, a friend, your parents, your relatives, let them know that you love them giving a cute card with a message of love!

And what I like even more is the idea to make the card by yourself. They are original, totally personal and they really show how important these persons are for you. Now the question is: “Are they difficult to make?”. Accordingly with Pinterest, which is my first source to scout cute DIY projects, make Valentine’s cards is easier than what we think.

To make your life even easier, I put together my favourite 5 Valentine’s cards that you can make by yourself without being to stressed. Choose the one you like, click on the link and follow the instruction! If you want to share on Instagram your gorgeous cards, we will collect them under the hashtag #bonjourchiaralove. Share and spread the love!

1.Message In Bottle 2. Photo Props Valentine 3. Heart Envelope 4. Kids Valentine’s Candy Huggers 5. DIY Funny Printable Valentine’s Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!

5 cute ideas to do on Valentine's Day -

5 cute ideas to do on Valentine's Day -

Valentine's Day Ideas -

Valentine's Day Ideas -

5 cute ideas to do on Valentine's Day -

5 cute ideas to do on Valentine's Day -

5 cute ideas to do on Valentine's Day -

Creative Director: Bonjour Chiara – Photographer: Massimo Togna

5 Cute DIY Valentine's Cards -

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