How To Wear Denim From Head To Toe

If by chance you are a man and you head over my blog and you are reading this article I challenge you to ask to closest woman to you if she loves buying new denim jeans.

The answer is always NO.

Jeans are the best and worst girls’ bestfriends. If you feel in shape they have this power to make feel you gorgeous and even thinner than how you are. But if you don’t feel in shape.. Oh my godness, jeans could become so scary.

I think that one of the worst moment in a woman life is when her jeans rip. And listen, I’m not referring to those rips made in strategic points that make the jeans cooler. No, no. I’m talking of a large big rip in the middle of your “back”. If this one could be the bad moment number one, the second one is when you enter into a new store with the awareness that the story will be again the same. A lot of jumps and squats in the changing room. Because this is the way how girls put on their pants: “Left leg, right leg, wiggle, wiggle again, jump, another jump, squat and stretch“.

Fortuately I found my favorite denim brand which makes easier to buy jeans: American Eagle Outfitters (you find all reasons why I love this brand in this article). Instead, sales make easier to buy new jacket! Last week I stopped to Zara and I found a great denim jacket for few ryals.

There was so much denim in my head that it was impossible to not think of a “denim on denim” outfit. Now, if you are a lover of this style, be sure to follow just few rules in order to style the best look ever.

1.Dark on the top, Light on the bottom. It’s always better to choose a darker blue tone for the jacket/shirt and go for a lighter version on the bottom. It helps to look thinner.

2.If you wear the same jeans color from head to toe, be sure to make your accessories stand out! 

3.Play with accessories. Add funky shoes or wear crazy sunglasses. Or opt for statement necklaces.

Do you follow any other rules? Share with me your fashion tips!

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe -

How to wear denim from head to toe - Zara Jacket | American Eagle Outfitters Skinny Jeans | Furla Bag | Ink Shoes | Aldo Sunglasses

How to wear denim from head to toe plus where to find gorgeous jeans for less -
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Reply February 6, 2016

Love it!

Devinne S.
Reply February 8, 2016

Haha, you described the putting-on-jeans struggle so well! I once did three items of denim together (top, jacket, and jeans), and somehow it worked, I think because of what you said about mixing up the shades. I also really like chambray tops with black denim jeans--it's a little unexpected but super cool. Anyway, I love your outfit!

Reply February 9, 2016

Ma Chiara che meraviglia sei in queste foto? Mi piaci un sacco, mi piace l'outfit e il tuo bellissimo sorriso.
Ottimi consigli, soprattutto il primo...aiuta a snellire, vero.
Bellissime anche le scarpe. Insomma mi piace davvero tutto.
Un bacione,

Eniwhere Fashion
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