8 Ankle Boots To Buy Now

Sales are back. I’m happy. My wallet isn’t. But honestly who cares?!

Though I’ve been living in Doha for more than two years now I haven’t understood yet when it’s the season sale here. I saw the word “sale” many time during the year and most of the time in periods during when all other coutries in the world are not on sale yet! (At least Europe).

Anyway, this was just a note and not very important at all because as I repeated many time shopping here is quite expensive so I do it only when I see something which is really cool otherwise I “waste” my money on online shopping. Yesterday morning I was checking two of my major sources for shoes: Asos and Shoescribe. I normally find great bargains on the first website and during sales season I buy design shoes for an affordable and more reasanoble price on the second one.

These two websites are full of shoes and sometimes I noticed that this makes me feel a bit confused. Should I buy a pair of boots? A pair of maryjane? Should I invest my money finding a pair of sandal that I can use also during spring and summer?

Supposed that if these are my worries that probably means that I don’t really need a new pair of shoes, but supposed also that I’m a woman so I ALWAYS need new shoes, I created my own and organized way to do a clever shopping (or trying to do!).

Normally I decide to focus my energy in one macro category like boots, sandals, sneakers and then I select one theme in the category. For example for sandals could be wedges, flat shoes, heels and so on. This time I picked the category “Ankle Boots” beacuse if it’s true that over-the-knee boots were the season trend I truly believe that ankle boots are an evergreen and much easier to wear!

So here my best 8 picks among all ankle boots that I checked. I personally adore those glitter one by L’F Shoes and the Kat Maconie golden one. But also the leopard boots are awesome, don’t you think? Ok, I understood, maybe my strategy for a better shopping dosn’t work very well and I’m still confused!!

Asos velvet boots on – SHOP them here

L’Autre Chose boots on – SHOP them here


Asos lace boots on – SHOP them here

Faith boots on – SHOP them here


ASOS boots on – SHOP them here

L’F Shoes glitter boots on – SHOP them here


Kat Maconie golden boots on – SHOP them here

Warehouse boots on – SHOP them here


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