Gift Ideas – 4 Books To Buy, 4 Items To Have

Breath. Don’t be in panic. We still have eleven days before Christmas so we have time to find the best gift for our friends. I started this serie of “Gift Ideas” post here, but if you didn’t find anything that you loved on that website I put together other 8 Christmas ideas that will save your life.

I think there isn’t best gift than a book. It can be a novel (my favourite author is Leslie Lokko), a thriller, a diary (remember, I’m a stationary addict!) or a coffee table book. At the moment my favourite are these four books. I don’t think I have to explain why I love “Dogs and Chairs: designer pairs“.Doens’t the author’s name remind you something? Yes, she is my sister! This is her latest book and it has already received a lot of great reviews. I can’t wait to be back in Italy to put my hands on a copy, but you can order yours on Amazon, wherever you are!

I bought Hello Tokyo and Quinnessential Baking and I found them extremely inspiring. They are full of fantastic ideas for craft projects or awesome food recipes.

If you are looking for some decor ideas, I scouted four brilliant accessories for home. How beautiful is that makeup holder? After thousand of pvc boxes I loved to see something new. My love for the brand String is endless and I’m super excited that that shelf will be under my Christmas Tree!! I really recommend it if you are looking for a designer gift which doesn’t break your bank account too much.

If you know other websites which sell nice things, please share with me! CHRISTMAS IDEAS - BOOK

1.Dogs and chairs: designer pairs by Cristina Amodeo here 2.Hello Tokyo by Ebony Bizys here 3.Chloè sevigny by Chloe Sevigny here 4.Quinntessential Baking by Frances Quinn here


5.Makeup holder here 6.Spices holder here 7.Bunny spounge holder here 8.String shelf here


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