Beauty Notes – Kat Von D Contour Palette

It has been a while since I wanted to write this post. And finally I put it together. I’ve been using Kat Von D Contour Palette for almost four months and everytime I do my makeup I realize how amazing this product is. I have to share with you!

The beauty collection by Kat Vond D is well known around the world for its long-wear and high pigmentation. Reading these words made me imagine about a mask on my face. Something extremely covering. But when I started to use this palette I immediately changed my idea.

The effect is quite covering but I don’t feel it. My skin breathes. But what I really love of this product is that it seems to be able to cancel (yes cancel!) my pimples. When I have one (of course, close to some important meetings) I normally use a primer, than I apply foundation (at the moment I’m very happy with Rimmel, but also Dior Nude Air is one of my favourite) and powder. I use Kat Von D palette as last touch, applying it directly on the pimple using my finger.

There are many ways to use Kat Von D contour palette. It’s really helpful for contouring and highlighting (there is also a brush from the collection, expressely made for these porpouses). I don’t do contouring  but really, I recommend it for its power of coverage It’s perfect to cover pimple’s sign.


*Kat Von D is exclusively available at Sephora.

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Rachael | Helpless Whilst Drying
Reply May 2, 2017

I keep going back and forth if I want this palette or not! I think I'd use the top row, but I think the bottom row is a little dark for my taste!
Also loving the design of your site, it's beautiful!

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