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A couple of months ago I found an amazing brand from Poland founded by a woman, a wife and a mother: Magdalena Nowak. I felt in love of her creativity and her original products that not only I wanted to have something for me (although it’s a brand for kids!) but I contacted Magdalena asking her is she was interested in taking part of an interview post. She was extremely kind, so ladies and gentleman, read the story of Up! Warsaw and her incredible founder.


Hello Magdalena, tell us something about you.

I am a polish girl that was raised in Germany and now back to the roots in Poland. Originally I am a producer in a german TV station, but now I am having a baby break. My two kids made me a mother, but they also made me a child again. Thanks to them I am reminded of my childhood and these nice moments, that I also wanted to give them. So between being a 24h mom, chips, popcorn, lipstick, my man and biggest love of my life Dominik I am just a normal woman doing the best I can…and just being happy.

When did you decide to create kids’ furnitures?

When my first daughter Alexandra was born, on one side I became a mother, so even more adult, and on the other side I felt like a kid again in her presence. One of the happiest, most exciting and most carefree moments in my childhood were the summer holidays when a little circus opened his gates near us. I had an agreement with the chefs: I helped with the animals during the day and as a counter after the showing I was allowed to ride a pony in the arena. The world of the circus: these colors, lights, costumes, props – that was fantastic and made a big impact on me. I wanted to give something of that to my daughter, I wanted her to play, sleep and wake up every day in such a magic world. The matching furniture I couldn’t find, so I started to do it myself: I drilled, sawed, forged and let my childish fantasy go. While doing so, I thought I could do this also for other people. Meanwhile when I am talking about Up! Warsaw I always say WE: that means my both daughters and my husband – my biggest helpers, critics, counselors and testers.

Where does the name Up Warsaw come from?

My first piece of furniture has been a biplane shelf, that I made at home by myself. The next one was a cloud. And when I thought about doing a business out of this I thought that these pieces are making walls fly, they are light, they make phantasies come up, and so I thought: UP! And as I am connected to my city I thought I should make it regional, but still international and just added my city Warsaw to it. Up! Warsaw.


Where do you find your inspirations to create such awesome stuff?

Mostly I am going back to my childhood, I am trying to think like my kids: they love balloons, the circus, and they adore the fair. These places I love to be in. Moreover I adore the 50ies and 60ies in American style: I love how they designed everyday objects – for me this is art that you can use. On the outside these times were like a dream to live, a living fairytale: cars, music machines, women dressed like dolls, lollipops, bubble gum machines, all these intense colors.

Tell us five items that every kids room should have.

My biplane shelf and TV shelf J for beloved books, lots of pens and paper to materialize your phantasy, a hammock to chill and a trampoline so you can reach the sky!

How do you manage between running a successful business and growing two daughters?

Thanks to my daughters I learned patience and that sometimes I cannot do everything I have on my daily list (it is always a lot!). I just learned to accept that sometimes somebody changes your plans and that is ok. I am so grateful to have them, because they inspire so much! If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be realizing my big hobby! And there is also my husband who helps me a lot with the kids and the company! He is that new kind of dad not afraid of diapers. That is important, because without him, to be honest, it would be very hard (or maybe impossible) to run a succesful business and raise kids.

Which are your favourite websites for kids and your favourite blogs?

To be honest I am not that blogger type, but a picture-lover. That is why I love instagram. There is for example Sophie from @kidsdesignlife, I just adore her beautiful kidsrooms compositions and Lisa from @lisalovesherlife. But also @elinochalva, @willieandmillie, @nynneetliloujos and this polish girl from @szafatosi. I am of course crazy about kids stuff.

What if Magdalena was a song, a city and a colour?

Song by Robyn “Hang with me”

City: Amsterdam (just love everything there, all the buildings are so small, like me!)

Colour: mint green combined with pastel pink




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