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Holiday season is closer and closer. That means that many of us are starting to write down a list of gifts to buy for friends and family (and for ourselves, why not?). My parentes in law already bought most of gifts. I’m always impressed how they are organized! I’m not already at that point, but I confess that I started to make my own list.

I usually buy most of gifts online: beauty kit, books, toys for all my friends’ children, accessories for the house. So I thought it would be nice sharing my favourite online shops with you, guys. Maybe you can also find something interesting or simply inspiration.

First e-shop on the list is Twicy Store. It’s a french store which sells from cute jewels to wonderful pots, from adorable kitchen’s accessories to crazy stationary. I already ordered a couple of time from the store. Service is excellent. My unique problem is that everytime I check this website trying to find a gift for someone I end to have also something for me in the cart! (My excuse is always the same “I try to write off shipping expenses!”).

My top three favourite items are these: a cloud tray, the lightbox A5 (I have the A3, but come one, how cute is also this size?!) and another tin from the brand Mr & Mrs Clynk to add to my collection (see…my collection. I was supposed to looking for a gift for someone else, but I can’t resist to select something also for me!!).

Till the next appointment with Gift Ideas serie, have fun buying adorable things!

Bloomingville tray here | Lightbox A5 here | Mr & Mrs Clyink tin here



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