Hands up if you are fan of Instagram! Well, who is not?
I started using this social two years ago and my  activity increased a lot when I moved to Doha. It seems that everything here runs on Instagram: news, gossip, invites to events, stores, shopping. Everything-everyone is on Instagram.
It’s the most popular social in Middle East. At least till now. In fact, the new entry Snapchat is becoming the most loved social platform between younger (and not only) generations. I downloaded this app and I used it sometimes (My Snapchat Name is bonjourchiara) but I’m still a beginner.
At the moment I’m more addicted to Instagram! Here some of my favourite photos that I snapped in these past weeks! If you want to see more FOLLOW ME!
Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data: 27 Mag 2015 alle ore 22:08 PDT



Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data: 9 Giu 2015 alle ore 22:42 PDT



Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data: 11 Giu 2015 alle ore 22:27 PDT


Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data: 30 Mag 2015 alle ore 13:18 PDT


Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data: 12 Giu 2015 alle ore 22:24 PDT

Chiara Amodeo
About me

Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


10K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM (@bonjourchiara) - THANKS!! -
10K Followers On Instagram – Thanks
March 28, 2016


Nataly Matolinets
Reply June 17, 2015

so sweet!

Tania Franco
Reply June 18, 2015

Cute pics, I follow you. :)) I'm addicted to it also, love it because I love photography. Hope you follow me as well.


Beauty Unearthly
Reply June 18, 2015

What a great collection of pictures! That doggy is so cute!
...thx for sharing honey...:-)

Jyoti Vats
Reply June 18, 2015

Very nice pictures..Keep In touch dear..
Rampdiary/Beauty and fashion/ Art blog

Pooja Mittal
Reply June 18, 2015

how cute are those watermelon shoes
keep in touch

Życiowa Sałatka
Reply June 18, 2015

great post dear i love it!

{ℋabanero - Angelica}
Reply June 18, 2015

Belle foto Chiara :-)

≂Angeℒ ica≂
Habanero Blog

Adriana Bernabé
Reply June 18, 2015

I love IG too, I even think I´m addicted!! snapchat I used no so often as I dont understand it lol (too old ) Nice pics.
Fashion Avenue

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