Ramadan – Iftar

Last Thursday my husband, me and some friends had dinner at Ramadan Tent organized at St.Regis.
Actually most of best hotels in the city organized this kind of tents where they “offer” food for Suhoor and Iftar.
But what is Suhoor and what is Iftar? I heard these two words for the first time less than two weeks ago.  I told you, I was totally uninformed about Ramadan’s traditions before coming in Doha.
Suhoor is the meal eaten before the dawn. Muslims must to fast for all the day, from the dawn to the dark.  Since the Suhoor is intended to last throughout the day, foods are usually heavy.
Iftar is the meal eaten after Maghrib prayer when Muslims can break their fast. Normally they break their fast eating dates. Then they start the Iftar.
The absence of water for the entire day is the thing that really scares me. I drink so much that I really cannot image to stay an entire day with no water. And Muslims have to repeat this for one entire month.
Anyway, during Iftar Muslim thank Allah for the food that they have.
Ramadan tents offer traditional food as other international food. I ate hummous, a lot of dryed fruits and a huge quantity of sweets! The stand of desserts was the biggest one, located in the middle of the Granbaloon room of St Regis.
It was a very good experience, I have to say it. But honestly for me it’s still really hard to understand some aspects of this tradition!





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Pilar Bernal Maya
Reply July 6, 2014

such a nice pictures dear
new post:

Raden Ayu/MI
Reply July 7, 2014

I also do Iftar, btw nice picture :)

Reply July 7, 2014

Le loro tradizioni restano davvero difficili da capire anche per la location era davvero bellissima!

Reply July 7, 2014

Quella cioccolata con la frutta mi fa gola!

Reply July 7, 2014

cool pics!! happy ramadan!!

francesca romana capizzi
Reply July 7, 2014

che bel posto!!! E poi vi hanno anche dato le fragole con il cioccolato? Top!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Alessandra Barbieri
Reply July 7, 2014

Che bel posto.. e Viva i dolci!!! Sicuramente è una bella tradizione dal punto di vista religioso, ma io non la concepisco.. Baci
That's Amore

Reply July 7, 2014

I could use some of that fruit and chocolate now!

Reply July 7, 2014

Bellissime foto!

Carolina ogliaro
Reply July 7, 2014

Ciao cara Chiara!
Le loro tradizioni sono un mondo a parte per noi ma sono certa, come hai scritto tu, che deve essere stata un'esperienza meravigliosa!
Un bacione


Kizzy Von Doll
Reply July 7, 2014

Gorgeous pictures, looks really nice. Am glad you had a fun time xx

Reply July 7, 2014

Che meraviglia! Anche a me risulta difficile capire alcuni aspetti della loro tradizione ma, dopotutto, il mondo è bello perché è così vario :)
Un bacione

Dania Carbonini
Reply July 7, 2014

Adoro i tuoi post che ci fanno conoscere realtá cosi diverse e posti meravigliosi come questo.
Un bacio


Nicky mywishstyle
Reply July 7, 2014

Mi piace conoscere le tradizioni degli altri paesi ed questi post sono davvero ben fatti!
un bacio

Jasmine Rabuñal Barrientos
Reply July 7, 2014

Lovely pics and interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

Jasmine x
For a Real Woman
So easy Spanish!

Mihaela Pojogu
Reply July 7, 2014

I heard about this tradition during the time I lived in Mangalia at my muslin friends. After this period they spoiled me with baklava... sweet memories!

Tijana J. Dominguez
Reply July 7, 2014

Beautiful post and pictures! I've learned something new actually, and yes, from our point of view, it definitely doesn't seem easy...

Ines RdP
Reply July 7, 2014

amazing day!
Reply July 7, 2014

Bellissima esperienza!!! Baci Elisabetta

Sarah Rizaga
Reply July 7, 2014

The food looks amazing, im hungry now!

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the chilicool
Reply July 7, 2014

Fragole e cioccolata fantastico!

Sandra Leiva
Reply July 7, 2014



Adriana Bernabé
Reply July 7, 2014

I´m so familiar with these things as I´ve got friends doing it! I´m not able to do it... I admire them!
Fashion Avenue

Federica Di Nardo
Reply July 7, 2014

belle queste foto!!!

The Cutielicious

Kathleen Harper
Reply July 7, 2014

This looks beautiful - such a fun night! Lucky you :)

Miss Funny Face
Reply July 7, 2014

Che meraviglia! Quel cibo sembra delizioso :) ma la parte di stare senza acqua per tutto il giorno preoccuperebbe anche me, sono un po' fissata con il bere costantemente XD
Mi è piaciuto molto questo post, è sempre interessante imparere cose nuove su culture diverse :)

Reply July 7, 2014

Devono essere buonissime le pietanze!!! Acquolina in bocca!

Baci Dalla tua amica di Co.blogger

Reply July 7, 2014

Ciao Chiara, a dire il vero anche io non ci riuscirei proprio, l'aspetto dell'acqua terrorizza anche me! Li ammiro davvero! Deve essere stata comunque una bella esperienza parteciparvi. Un bacione!

Nerline Germain
Reply July 7, 2014

Wow! I learned so much. The food looks yummy!

Fabiola Tinelli
Reply July 7, 2014

Nemmeno io conoscevo nei dettagli i piatti che si mangiano prima dell'inizio del ramadan! In ogni caso dev'essere proprio dura farlo!!

Carola Disiot
Reply July 7, 2014

Anch'io non credo di poterci riuscire, tanta ammirazione per questa forza di volontà. Belle le foto che hai scattato! un bacio!
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Fashion Lover
Reply July 7, 2014

Yummmy!! It looks all delicious!!! And the place is so beatiful, awesome!


Sorath Majid
Reply July 8, 2014

missing Doha so much :(

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