Mrs B. and World Cup Brazil 2014

Mrs B. is not a fan of soccer. She hates watching matches. She doesn’t care about who is playing, who is winning, who is making goal.
It’s simple, Mrs B. thinks that soccer is really boring!
But as one of her friends wrote on her Facebook Page, the World Cup comes only every four years. So Mrs B. decided to make the effort and support Italian team (alias “Azzurri”).
Yes, this decision was taken just because she wants to be a good italian, even she is leaving abroad. The fact that two of her favourite brands, MSGM and Les Petits Joueurs, created special edition is not relevant. Trust to Mrs B. please!!


Mrs B. and World Cup Brazil 2014

MSGM sweater exclusively available on
Carven straw shorts
Green slip on sneaker
Limited Edition Les Petits Joueurs clutch
Chiara Amodeo
About me

Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


Reply June 20, 2014

I'm into it, because my boyfriend is! Ha ha! Have a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo

Kim Alston
Reply June 21, 2014

I'm loving it! The excitement got to me! HaHa But I normally don't follow the sport. However, I love the energy.

Serena Reale
Reply June 21, 2014

bellissima selezione :)
un bacione

Diana Ashuayem
Reply June 21, 2014

Nice set, love the purse. I love soccer.

Reply June 21, 2014

I love the clutch.

Reply June 21, 2014

Che idea originale!Forza azzurri sempre!
P.S.Nuovo post da me,se ti va passa,ti aspetto!
Baci baci C.

Reply June 21, 2014

awesome :)

Reply June 21, 2014

La clutch è veramente carinissima :D
un bacio

Julie Ann Lozada
Reply June 21, 2014

cool, but im not a sporty person.

It’s a GIRL Thing

Manuela Muratore
Reply June 21, 2014

very cool, the clutch it's amazing!!!


Rinako Camellia
Reply June 21, 2014

Great sporty look! **


Reply June 21, 2014

Awesome outfit.


Reply June 21, 2014

Forza azzurri speriamo bene per martedi! Buon week end! Lucy

Dania Carbonini
Reply June 21, 2014

Un outfit perfetto per tifare azzurri!
Bella la felpa MSGM
Un bacio Chiara


Reply June 22, 2014

Lolll I loved your intro Mrs. B! I'm not a fan of soccer either, but something tells me I should be watching the world cup:)!

Manuela Muratore
Reply June 22, 2014

have a nice sunday !!

Reply June 22, 2014

Genial este look. Un beso, y buen Domingo. Muack

Andrea jueong
Reply June 22, 2014

Soccer is fun.My son just started to play.Nice post!

Sonia De Macedo
Reply June 23, 2014

Hahaha I'm not soccers biggest fan but I do watch it during the World or Euro cups. Sorry that Italy is out though (I think). This one is panning out to be crappy anyway. All those great Euro teams are being defeated and not going through. I have no idea what is bloody going on!


sepatuholig-Grace Njio
Reply June 23, 2014

I love to cheer on the winner... LOL. love the bag here...

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