I Love Qatar

It’s my fourth month in Doha.
Before coming here and also during these months I always heard people complaining about Doha. It’s boring, there is nothing to do, there are a lot of rules, there aren’t all  things that we have in Europe.
Ok, it’s true. There are rules. But don’t you have rules in your country as well? They are different, I know. But I also know that I’m living in a country with a culture which is very far from mine. And despite this I feel very well here.
I feel at home here.
Doha is geographically in the middle between Saudi Arabia and UAE. In another words between a country with a very closed culture and another one which is now more Western than some western countries! And also the attitude of Doha (and so Qatar) is same. It’s a modern, very modern city on one side and a traditional arabic city on the other side.
I’m just trying to say that most of the time you and your attitude make feel a new place as your home.
You know? It will be funny reading again this post in one year! I will let you know if my sensations will be changed or not!
But for the moment, as a supporter of Doha, I decided to post an outift that Mrs B. wore recently. I think she is one of the biggest fan of this city and you can understand just looking her! (For all people who don’t live here, official colors of Qatar are white and burgundy!)


Mrs B. loves staying in Qatar

Marni Top
Sandro Trousers.
Furla Bag.
Opening Ceremony Shoes.
Chiara Amodeo
About me

Chiara is a quirky and funny Italian girl currently living in Middle East. She is a dreamer, a blogger, a shopaholic, Paris and cats lover. She spends her days with her husband and their three cats, creating outfits with Mrs B. and writing about what she loves!


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Reply March 13, 2014

Dev'essere un' esperienza fantastica conoscere una cultura così affascinante! Bel look Mrs B

Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

Rinako グレー
Reply March 13, 2014

The top looks great! Interesting~ ^o^

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Reply March 13, 2014

Love the Mrani top and Girla bag, great combo, so chic,
XX, Elle

Melisa Affandy
Reply March 13, 2014

love the bag!
check out my blog

Zeign Eleven
Reply March 13, 2014

I love those nail polish! :-) Thanks for sharing your Qatar experience.

Mimma Zizzo
Reply March 13, 2014

Brava....anche noi fan del Kuwait con tutti i suoi limiti ..però a noi sta dando tanto, come a te Doha. Brava Chiara!

Reply March 13, 2014

Great top!

Kisses from

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Serena Reale
Reply March 13, 2014

Carinissima la selezione, mi piace molto il top!
un bacione

Effe coco
Reply March 13, 2014

Altra xultura,altra lingua,altro cibo però è bello essere un po cittadini del mondo :)

Eleonora Petrella
Reply March 13, 2014

Bellissima la borsa abbinata allo smalto!
E mi fa piacere che il tuo stare laggiù stia andando per il meglio :)
Un nuovo outfit ti aspetta sul mio blog!
Mi piacerebbe sapere che cosa ne pensi! :)
Un bacione,
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Vale ♥
Reply March 13, 2014

Trovo meravigliosa la tua esperienza, sicuramente ti arricchisce culturalmente e il tuo atteggiamento di apertura verso un mondo che ha regole diverse è ammirevole, è bello che tu abbia saputo ampliare i tuoi orizzonti ! L'outfit è stupendo, belli i colori del Qatar !

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Reply March 13, 2014

Io credo che scoprire e vivere nuove culture sia sempre un'esperienza estremamente affascinante che, soprattutto, aiuta a crescere e ad aprire la mente!
Ho trovato bellissime le parole di questo post!
E mi piace anche moltissimo l'outfit, il top è stupendo! :D

alessia sica
Reply March 13, 2014

Molto bello questo look, adoro il top

The New Art of Fashion

the chilicool
Reply March 13, 2014

Molto bello il top. Mi piace molto!

Reply March 13, 2014

Love the top and shoes!

xx Karolina

Virna - Ogniricciouncapriccio
Reply March 13, 2014

Well, I love the official colors of Qatar and I think Mrs B. outfit is lovely! I like every single piece of it and it's pretty rare XD
I wish you that in one year your feelings about Doha will be developed and enhanced!

Nicky mywishstyle
Reply March 13, 2014

che bella questa esperienza e l'incontro con altre culture..
meraviglioso il look!

Tatiana K.
Reply March 13, 2014

like your blog)

Dania Carbonini
Reply March 13, 2014

Come ti ho gia detto varie volte io ti stimo tantissimo per il coraggio che hai avuto..Onestamente io non credo ce l avrei fatta.
Per quanto riguarda le regole è vero, ogni paese ha le sue pero negli Emirati bisogna ammettere che sono un po "strettine" non credi?
Un bacio


Francesca Romana Capizzi
Reply March 13, 2014

Non riesco ad immaginarmi la vita lì, ti ammiro moltissimo!
Bello anche il look che hai creato!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Reply March 13, 2014

sono felice che tu stia bene Chiara... anche se mi manca vederti ogni tanto, almeno alle fiere :)
ps. ma se faccio un viaggio a Dubai, Doha è lontana?
un bacione

Fabiola Tinelli
Reply March 13, 2014

Be' in effetti le regole devono essere molte lì, l'importante è sapersi adattare!

Reply March 13, 2014

I actually want to go to Doha one day!!
My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

Velvet & Vino
Reply March 13, 2014

Fun blog! And how neat that you live in Doha, good for you for embracing it all!

Reply March 13, 2014

A me piacerebbe un sacco visitare il Qatar e gli Emirati Arabi!!
Sono contenta che ti trovi bene!!
Bellissimo l'outfit che hai creato!!
Un bacione

Анна-Алина Гевелюк
Reply March 13, 2014

lovely glasses

Anastasia Romanova
Reply March 14, 2014

totaly agree with your note abou the rules!
every country have them, and I think we should respect the culture, traditions and rules of country we are plannig to visit!
as well as rules of our own countries!

hugs =),
stylist, street-fashion photographer
see my STREET-FASHION blog

Reply March 15, 2014

love your attitude! good luck,and good life

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